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Bluepools is a completely independent Swimming Pool Designer and Consultant.

Bluepools provides:

Bespoke Designs for new Indoor and Outdoor Garden Pools as well as Basement Pools for Private Clients using 3D software that provides an exact simulation of how the pool will fit into your property

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Bluepools also provides:

Surveys and Reports on Public / Commercial Pool Installations for their Owners / Operators

Designs for Pool Installation Contractors that do not have the in-house experience for Complex Projects

Bluepools is managed by Will Witt a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer who has been working in the Swimming Pool Industry for the last 15 years. He has over 40 years experience in the Design and Construction of major projects.

His unrivalled experience and wide knowledge of every technical aspect of Swimming Pool Design and Installation is used to ensure that every Bluepools project is a success.

If the Client has a commercial or residential swimming pool that needs attention, renovation or has very high operating costs Bluepools can carry out a Survey and provide a Bespoke Report that directly adresses the concerns of the Client.

"We asked Will Witt to inspect our swimming pool complex of indoor and outdoor pools - he provided a detailed report that not only covered all our concerns but also explained how the technical issues impacted on our Health and Safety responsibilities"

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Bluepools reduces risk and delivers successful projects by providing integrated design solutions, help in the selection of subcontractors, site quality control by visits and the Supply and Commissioning of the Specialist Pool Equipment

Bluepools adds value to projects by accurate identification of the Client and the project requirements and the delivery of a Finished Project that meets the requirements.

Bluepools concentrates on providing sustainable solutions that can be up to 50% more efficient by early focus on and the careful design to minimise:

Bluepools provides specialiist knowledge in the Design and Installation of Efficient Renewable Energy Systems that minimise the lifetime running costs of all swimming pool installations.

Efficient Renewable Energy Systems

Bluepools provides the detailed design of the pool water treatment system to minimise the energy and operational costs including:

When Should Bluepools be brought into the Project Team?

All swimming & spa pools require specialist engineering design and it is essential that Bluepools is involved at an early stage in the design process.

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For Public / Commercial Pool Projects Bluepools will provide a Proposal that is precisely tailored to suit the Clients Requirements

For Domestic Pools Bluepools provides its services in 5 Distinct Stages:

Stage 1 - Concept and Design

Very few Architects have the background and experience that is required to deal with the many issues involved in the effective integration of pool tank layout, pool equipment design and location including filtration and chlorination, hydraulic systems, safe chemical storage, and water recovery systems - let alone Efficient Renewable Energy Systems.

And so the early involvment of Bluepools will avoid disruptive and abortive design costs at a later stage.

Stage 2 - Detailed Design and Specification

During this Stage Bluepools will provide cost effective engineering and better building design in the development of pools and their associated buildings where the integration of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and drainage elements is essential.

Bluepools will provide a fully integrated design solution in a Folio of detailed engineering drawings, fully interfaced with other design professionals and detailed specifications to meet the project needs.

Stage 3 - Tendering and Contractor Selection

Every project will have its own special characteristics and so will need various contractors with varying backgrounds and experience. Large indoor domestic pools will require an experienced Local Builder whereas a commercial pool with deck level drains may require a main contractor as well as an experienced swimming pool installation contractor.

The Client does not have to worry about the Specification, Quality and Warranties of any of the Special and costly Pool Equipment because Bluepools will provide an integrated Equipment Package for

The Specification and Fixed prices that will be provided to the Client by Bluepools during this Stage.

The identification of the best submerged pool lighting is an important part of this process as modern LED lights - either white or multi-coloured virtually last for ever without needing bulb changes and cost about a quarter of what Halogen lights cost to run - but LED's are not cheap.

Stage 4 - Construction

With the right design, the Equipment Package, an appropriate contractor and an appropriate price in place, the installation works can commence with the reassurance that risk has been minimised.

Bluepools will carry out regular site inspections to check that the installation works are in accordance with specification, and co-ordinated with all the other trades.

Stage 5 - Commissioning

Comprehensive and effective commissioning is the key to a successful installation. Bespoke commissioning documents are prepared for each design by Bluepools, applied by the contractor and then independently verified by Bluepools.

Important mechanical, hydraulic, chemical and microbiological criteria must be satisfied to enable completion. Before a pool is handed over from the contractor to the client, the water quality should be verified for its safety, hygiene and attractiveness.


Call or Text to 07557 966 459contact bluepools image

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