Polyblok Pool Kit for Installation of an Above Ground or In-ground Pool

For use in Old Barns

Above ground swimming pools of more or less any shape, size or depth can be built using the PolyBloK system.

It is particularly useful when installing a pool inside an old barn because:-

Deck support system

We are often asked about the best way to build timber decking around an above ground pool.

The following illustration shows how the foundations can be easily installed so that the decking is completely level

decking support thumbnail

This approach works equally well inside an old barn or for an outdoor above ground pool.

Swimming pool kits

Every PolyBlok swimming pool kit includes the following:-

The following can be added to the kit:-

The typical price for a 10 x 5 m pool including packing into a container would be about £10,000 - £15,000.


In Ground Pool Kits

In ground pools using a Poiyblok kit can be built with a vinyl liner as shown in the following sketch - just click on it for a bigger image.


This can be provided with a timber or concrete deck surround

Temporary or Portable Pools

One of the main advantages of an above ground pool or on ground swimming pool in either the UK or France is that you do not have to bother about getting planning consent - provided that it is temporary or portable - and after all any above ground swimming pool is portable - Is'nt it?