FAQ 12 How much does it cost to run an indoor swimming pool for a year?


This is one of those "how long is a piece of string questions" because the answer depends on so many variables.

These include:

1)The plan size of the pool and pool hall.

2) The area of glazing and its thermal resistance

3) The thermal resistance of the pool hall walls and roof

4) The volume of the pool hall - ie how high is it

5) The depth of water in the pool

6) The presence or not of a Spa or hydrotherapy pool

7) The Specification of the Air Handling Unit

8) The primary heat source.

9) The presence of an insulating cover on the pool water.

10) The number of hours per day that the pool is in use.

11) The disinfection system - Bluepools uses UV disinfection back ed by very low levels of chlorine so that the pool water is very similar to that which comes out of your tap!

In practice the more that is spent i.e the higher the Specification of the Whole Project the less it will cost to run.

Having said all that most domestic pools designed by Bluepools will cost about £30 per square metre of water area per annum.

So that a 10 x 5 x 1.35m deep pool will cost somehwere about £1500 per annum depending on the exact specification of the items listed above