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Frequently Asked Questions

20) What is a Deck Level Pool and How Much extra will it cost?

What is a Deck Level Swimming Pool?

They are called this because the water level in the swimming pool is maintained at pool deck level.

Practically this actually means the level of the deck on the outside of the channels that surround the entire pool. These continuosly drain water from the pool whenever the pool filtration system is in operation and give that constant pleasant sound of running water that you hear when in one of these super pools.

This design approach removes the step in level between the pool and surrounding deck - that you always have with a skimmer pools and so makes the pool seem to be a lot bigger than it actually is.

However the most important benefit that a deck level pool provides is that the overflow channels very effectively and constantly remove and filter the surface layer of pool water that contains a large proportion of the pathogens, bacteria and organic matter that exist in every swimming pool.

The water will look much cleaner and sparkling.

How Much extra will it cost?

Deck level pools can be installed in a vinyl liner pool. In this case a stainless steel gutter is normally provided covered by a PVC grating.

The hydraulics is a lot more complicated and will require a balance tank (and the space for it) and a lot more pipework valves and bigger pumps. The extra cost will be in the £10,000 - £15,000 range depending on the pool size and the bathing load on the pool (average number of swimmers)



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