21 Indoor, Luxury Pool Design & Pool Enclosure Ideas

Do not rely on Your Architect to Design a Pool House - He/She needs Help!

Bluepools prefers to work with the Clients existing Architect on the Design of the Swimming Pool and Pool Hall or House.

We help them to develop the Concept and then provide all the Design Details of the Pool and Pool House Foundations up to the damp proof course level make sure that the Capital and Maintenance cost of the Pool House are the most Economic possible.

See the Notes below the following table below for "How to calculate the cost of an Indoor Pool and Pool House"



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Ref Type i1

New purpose built poolhouse with the dehumidification grilles cleverly and unobtrusively installed in the far wall of the pool house

stylish ultra modern indoor pool

Ref Type i2

Conservatory style pool houses are very popular because they are the cheapest type to install. They can be made to look very attractive when new but if the pool is used frequently it is impossible to control the condensation because there is no vapour barrier in the roof.

Even triple glazing will still provide a steep thermal gradient between cold air outside and the warm moist air inside that will induce condensation throughout most of the winter.

conservatory style poolhouse

Ref Type i3

Glass timber framed poolhouses like this will normally provide the most economic indoor pool solution and are always better if connected directly to the house - but condensation on the glazed roof panels will always be a problem

pool house with glass timber frame roof and sides


Ref Type i4

The very high windows give lots of light and life to the indoor pool and will always be particularly suitable where the pool looks out over the sea or some other panoramic view.

The above ground floating pool cover winder is cleverly hidden in a housing that matches the poolhouse lining.



large windows high pool house


Ref Type i5

This elegant design features a moveable swimming pool floor so that the poolhouse can be also used as a conventional conservatory.

modern steel frame pool house

moveable floor in same pool house


Ref i6

This form of structure can provide a very striking poolhouse surprisingly economically with plenty of scope for individuallity by variation of the colour scheme

pool house with white timber trusses


Ref Type i7

If you have a derelict outhouse or barn this could be the way to go as this very striking conversion shows.

pool in a renovated barn


Ref Type i8

If you like pine then this is the way to go because very spectacular but economic designs can be installed using off site prefabrication techniques


new timber truss pool house


Ref Type i9

Futuristic and very stylish - but this approach only really works with luxury tiles and other up market finishes.

Separate spa is the way to go because the pool and water temperatures and cleaning requirements are so different

ultra modern pool house with separate spa


Ref Type i10

We offer you the half and half solution !!


This type of pool will only work in a warm climate like the south of France or Spain

pool half and half outside pool house


Ref Type i11

The very high bay windows and strikingly black cross beams turn this poolhouse into a very elegant and stylish structure that connects seamlessly to the garden.

The stunning depth of the Pool Hall is an illusion created by two mirrors that double the number of visual beams.

Note also the very economic timber decking that matches the pine clad walls - perhaps not to everyones taste but a stunning pool with delightful natural lighting.

By the way Heatsaver - the liquid pool cover - works pretty well in indoor pools that have intermittent use and will substantially reduce both condensation and running costs

modern high pool house


10 x 4 with vinyl liner


Ref Type i12

Many conversions like this have been carried out in townhouses in the UK and this is a striking example of how a useless space can be turned into a spectacular value addition to a house

pool in renovated basement in old house


Ref i13

This pool might look attractive - but I included it because it is a classic example of HOW NOT TO DO IT!!

It is actually a panel pool with vinyl liner with a built in fibre-glass spa

There is a massive amount of investment in this pool hall and it has all the hallmarks of being a short term marvel and a long term disaster because:

  • The spa water is being mixed with pool water and so the spa will always be too cold and the pool too hot - the water looks filthy and is a result of mixing pool and spa filtration systems
  • The water evaporation and heat loss will be immense without a spa cover and the atmosphere will always be damp and the condensation in those velux window wells will be horrendous
  • The humififier is obviously undersized and does not include a heat recovery system and so the running costs will be very high
  • The panel pool walls and fibreglass spa are cheap and nasty installations that do not justify the money that has been spent on the pool hall
  • Having a bar in the hot damp atmosphere of this pool hall beggars belief - hot tip - Indoor pools are for swimming not for parties - unless you have a pool with a moveable floor

The only thing that I lke about this pool is the white timber finish to the roof - but its appearance will soon be marred by condensation.

indoor pool


Ref i14

The pool is equipped with a hydraulic cover that runs in tracks along the pool coping and is very smooth and fast to operate.

This pool was procured by a property developer - it looks magnificent but the filtration system is so undersized that it would be dangerous for 10 children to swim in that pool at once.

And a fortune has been spent on the finishes but there is no automatic chlorination system.



detached indoor spa


Abris or sliding Pool Shelters or Pool Enclosures

in France, many people install lightweight glazed structures that they call abris.

There are some drawbacks to this type of pool house but they do offer an economical way of owning an indoor swimming pool.

From April to September this type of cover will increase the air temperature over the pool by at least 6 degrees C.

The low level abri type covers do provide a useful safety device and probably do extend the swimming season for several months.

The higher these structures are - the more prone they are to being damaged by winter winds.

Ref ia1

The name says it all - these are clumsy looking yet effective structures that give some of the advantages of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools -,im not sure about the red bits though?

sliding lean-to telescopic abri

Sliding lean-to telescopic abri

Basic Cost is £200 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia2

There is no doubt that it is impossible to take a photo of these low level abris and make them look attractive - but they still extend the swimming season and make the pool pretty safe

low level abri

Low level sliding telescopic abri

Basic Cost is £150 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia3

There is not a lot that can be said about this apart from "If you want one of them in your garden you are a better man than I am Gunga Din"

moveable abris cover

Moveable abris

Basic Cost is £200 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia4

This looks a bit more like it huh? These up market abris can be supplied in timber or aluminium frames with a surprisingly good paint finish - but be warned - they are not cheap!

telescopic abris on rubber wheels

Telescopic abris on rubber wheels

Basic Cost is £350 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia5

These are really conservatories and also come in a bewildering variety of materials, shapes and sizes - especially in France

fixed timber frame abris

Fixed abris

Basic Cost is £250 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia6

This is definitely the only form of an abri installation that I like personally - have one as a high level removable roof that is unobtrusive and out of the way works well visually - but it cannot act as a safety device when used in this way

high level support abris

High level abris

Basic Cost is £200 per m2 of abri area


Ref ia7

The higher these structures are - the more prone they are to being damaged by winter winds - I would only put one of these in an unexposed location

luxury abris

The Dogs Bollocks Abri

Basic Cost will be round £400 per 2


luxury abris pool shelter

Abri Costs

Bluepools has many French sources for these structures - and they will be cheaper than if bought through UK importers

How to calculate the cost of a Private (Not Commercial) Indoor Pool and Pool House

First of all decide How big your indoor pool is going to be - they can be anything from a spa sized 4 x 2 metres up to a 25 x 4 lap pool.

Then calculate its area and the pool house size factor from this chart

chart to calculate pool house size and cost


When you have calculated the pool area multiply this by the Size Factor from the graph above.

The Costs per square metre in the table below are the total cost of the pool and pool house based on the pool house size. The size factor assumes that the pool has a 1m space around it on 2 x long sides and 1 x short side and 3 metres on the other short side. The pool plant is housed under the concrete pool deck that surrounds the pool within the pool house.

So for example an 8 x 4 metre pool will require a pool hall of 2.2 x 8 x 4 = 70 square metres and so the cost of the pool and hall will be 70 x £1400 =£98,000 on a Self-Build basis

More Examples are shown in the table below.

The cost of carting excavation arisings off site to a tip can be very high and if the pool is to be tiled the cost will also increase substantially.

The costs will also depend on the qual;ity of the floor, ceiling and wall finishes as well as pool equipment such as automatic covers etc.



Pool Size

Average Cost / m2

Factor from Graph

Pool Hall Size

Total Cost

6 x 4 £1500 2.4 58 m2 £87,000
8 x 4 £1400 2.2 70 m2 £98,000
9 x 4 £1300 2.15 77 m2 £100,000
10 x 4 £1300 2.1 84 m2 £110,000
10 x 5 £1200 1.95 98m2 £118,000
12 x 4 £1200 1.95 94 m2 £113,000
12 x 6 £1000 1.85 133 m2 £133,000


If you have an intreresting or challenging pool project - let us help you make sure that is successful

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