Review of Primary Features of Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools

Table of advantages and disadvantages of Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools in the UK and France





Indoor Pool

Outdoor Pool


Most of the year and may need air-conditioning for use in July and August 6 months from April to September with water heating and 3 months without water heating

Planning Consent in the UK

Under new regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2008 many outbuildings that could house a pool do not now require planning consent if outside a conservation area and the garden in big enough Generally not required if you have appropriate space in a large garden outside a conservation area

Planning Consent in France

Required if building is greater then 20 sq m. Notice of intent to construct (called a "Declaration Peable") is required. Consent is granted automaticly if the pool is > 3m from any boundary and is not in a Heritage area (Less than 4km from an Ancient Monument)

Building Regulation Approval in UK

Not if the building is less than 30 square metres, otherwise Yes Not required

Building Regulation Approval in France

Not required but builder must have decannale insurance Not required - many inexperienced pool installers cannot get decennale insurance - for obvious reasons


Daily use for exercise - all year round

Place for teenagers to play in

For entertainment of visitors all year round

A swim jet can be used to allow a lot of exercise in a small pool

Can be locked up to ensure that young children are safe

Daily exercise for 6 months of the year

Place for teenagers to play in

Focus for the entertainment of visitors during the summer


If big enough for lap swimming cost is prohibitive

Is a very attractive danger zone for adventurous toddlers

High humidity levels detract from the entertainment value

The building can be very ugly

Outdoor pools are not very attractive to look at in the winter

Exercise is only possible for 6 months of the year

Maintenance and cleaning required

Are a real hazard for young children playing in the garden

Initial Cost

£100 k ++ £30 to 50 k

Running Costs

£2000 + per annum depending on size and heating etc circa £500 per annum depending on size and heating etc