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Over view of Swimming Pool Types available in the UK

Pool Kits

Pool kits are made in a factory to reduce the time and cost of site installation work. They are very popular in the US and France and have been gaining ground in the UK market.

They are designed for ideal ground conditions and are very prone to collapse is subsoil conditions are not ideal.

Masonry Pools

These are traditionally constructed by a builder in reinforced concrete filled concrete block walls. The walls will need to be rendered in a sand : cement mix that is both time consuming and very weather sensitive - ie it cannot be carried out when it is wet!

Builders are often inexperienced in the technical side of pool installation and whilst the structure will always be soundly built by a good builder the pool equipment can be of poor quality and not installed correctly.

PolyBloK Pools in the UK

These are designed by Bluepools and consist of reinforced concrete filled polystyrene block pool walls that provide a high degree of insulation, are very strong and provide a perfect structural support for a vinyl pool liner system.