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Swim Jet installation in an Inground UK Exercise or Fitness Pool

Pool in a limited space

If you have limited space, want exercise or to just get fit and a pool to cool down in as well – have you thought about an exercise pool?

Such a pool could be 6.5 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep giving 1.35 metres water depth. Roman Steps could be provided across the full width of one end and would include 3 treads 500 m wide. This would provide the full water depth of 1.35 metres over a 5 metre length and a pool that small children can play in if supervised

Lap Pool is not required .

Exercise or fitness swimming pools like this can take the place of a so called lap pool at much less cost and in a much smaller space!

At the other end of the pool a 54 cubic metres of water per hour Classic Swim Jet made by Badujet would be installed at the centre of the wall. This would a provide a current to swim against that will allow you to swim for hours without stopping – great training and you do not have to bother with all that turning round!

Look in the pool equipment section of this website for more information on the equipment required for an exercise pool.

There is a company that you will have seen if you have searched on the Internet that provides this type of pool as a package. These work well but are comparatively very costly.

Exercise pools that take the place of lap pools can be built to the same specification as a standard pool.  

Winter and summer covers with roller can be provided as well as the margelles and dalles around the pool to make it look just as attractive as a conventional pool. The pool filtration plant and jet swim equipment can be housed in a PVC underground chamber with a lightweight lid alongside the exercise pool.

And If you don't like the idea of a Swim Jet

A long thin 12 x 3 pool for exercise is possible. They are also cheap to run because of the small water volume.

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