How to Plan for the Installation of a sSwimming Pool at Your UK Property

Inground Swimming Pool Design

Bluepools has designed and built hundreds of pools in both the UK and France anmd has no doubt that Polyblok pools are best option for either an Indoor or Outdoor Pool.

If the pool is to be built on a steep slope, on filled ground or on waterlogged ground it will be possible to construct a highly economic Polyblok pool.

See Polyblok Pool Information

Indoor Swimming Pool Design

The swimming pool itself will be similar in structure and in most other details to an outdoor pool.

However, the pool building will need to be designed by an architect or someone like Bluepools with specialist knowledge of pool building installation and technology.

Inground and Above Ground Residential Swimming Pool Design

I'm going to assume that you have already made the very sensible decision to install a PolyBloK swimming pool and now need to think through the details of size and location etc.

You probably already have an idea of what the primary considerations are from your decision to install a new swimming pool.

For instance the primary objectives of the pool might be to:

  1. Provide an extension to your existing living space.
  2. Provide a private facility that needs to be hidden by natural features or walls within the garden
  3. Provide a The dominant centre-piece of the garden
  4. Increase bookings at your hotel or gite complex

Other considerations might include:

  1. Use of the pool by guests
  2. The safety of children whererequired by Pool Safety laws in France and where there is no law but safety is just as important
  3. The entertainment of children with a wide age difference.

Whatever the various considerations are write them down and brainstorm their relative order of importance with your husband, wife or partner(s).

When you have fixed these, type them out and pin the list on the wall and then cross check every future decision that you make on the pool with reference to these primary objectives.

If any decision does not align with the primary objectives it is probably a mistake!

This a key step and by far the most important one that you will make with regard to your pool – the more thought that is given to this the less likely you are to suffer the “Why didn’t we put the pool over there” thoughts in the years ahead.

Do not ask your pool installer for advice on this because he has a vested interest in just making sure that the pool is easy to build.

Consider the Safety Issue every time that you make a decision

It is a very sad fact that lots of children are drowned in pool accidents every year.

Other considerations

These might include:-

  1. There is no doubt that when the pool is to be an extension to your living space and because the pool is a form of very hard landscaping the pool should be placed as close to the kitchen of the house as possible.
  2. If the pool is primarily for exercise it can a long way from the house or  hidden by natural features or walls anywhere within the garden
  3. If you are thinking of making it a dominant centre-piece of the garden then it will need very careful consideration as a future purchaser of the property may even discount the property price to take account of the cost of pool removal.
  4. The type of pool also needs to be taken into consideration. If you just want a cheap and cheerful hole in the ground to swim in then it may be better to hide the pool as much as possible to reduce any negative effect on the value of property.
  5. The thing to remember is that a cheap pool can reduce the value of an expensive property and a very expensive pool will not increase the value of a cheap property by as much as it would an expensive one. In other words small house = small pool and large house = large pool
  6. Identification of the prevailing wind direction to make sure that trees will not shed dead leaves and debris over the pool area. For instance walnut trees leave very bad stains on the paving if the nuts are not quickly removed. I can promise you that leaves in a pool are an absolute pain in the ass and will eventually cause you to consider getting rid of the tree that is shedding them. So take this into consideration during the design process.
  7. The skimmers should be positioned so that the water is blown towards them by the wind.
  8. Submerged lights should point away from the house to stop glare

You should also identify whether your existing house drainage system complies with the new regulations that came into affect in France in 2005 – you will soon need to have a certified drainage system and in small gardens this may require concurrent construction of a new fosse toutes eaux or main drain connections. The pool may be in the way of these and so this can also effect pool location. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Site Map

The law does not apply for a UK swimming pool but there may still be drains and other buried services that need to be diverted or re-located to provide enough space for the new swimming pool.