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How to Design a Swimming Pool for Your UK Property

Indoor and outdoor, inground and above ground swimming pool design

This section of the website provides information on everything that you need to know about inground and above ground swimming pool design both indoors and outdoors for UK properties

You may be looking for swimming pool design software for use in the design of your pool. The problem with swimming pool design software is that it is very difficult to the drawing scales correct. And so it is much easier to measure out where you want the pool on the actual site and to simply draw it up using squared paper and allow each square to be a metre or half metre depending on pool size and the size of your piece of paper!

You will then have a swimming pool plan that you can talk to the pool installer about. Do not worry about the swimming pool design sketch looking amateurish - every installer just needs to know what the pool buyer wants and a sketch is the easiest way to get an idea across!

If you are looking for custom pool design please click on the appropriate link:-

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  • Inground swimming pool design including swimming pool landscaping
  • Above ground swimming pool design
  • Indoor pool design
  • Swimming pool shapes and depths
  • Vinyl swimming pool liner colours and patterns
  • Through the wall swimming pool fittings colour options
  • Swimming pool sructural design

Inground Swimming Pool Design

In most circumstances a custom design for an outdoor inground swimming pool will not be necessary as most pool installers provide a quotation that is very realistic just based on their standard pool.

If the pool is to be built on a steep slope, on filled ground or on waterlogged ground some special provisions may be necessary. Just photograph the site and send photos to your installer and he should be able to provide a quotation to meet your requirements.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design

The swimming pool itself will be similar in structure and in most other details to an outdoor pool.

However, the pool building will need to be designed by an architect or someone with specialist knowledge of pool building installation and technology.

Build Your Own Pool

In our opoinion this is only suitable for the average DIY person if you want a cheap above ground pool.

However if you have a good builder that you trust then he will easily ve able to build one of our PolyBlok pools with our help.

Gunite Swimming Pools

If you are interested in a Gunite swimming pool look at the Swimming Pool Types menu


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