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Automatic Liquid Chlorine Disinfection for your UK Pool

The Bluepools Pool Water Sanitation System

This equipment is fixed to the wall of your plant room and is equipped with two containers for acid to reduce the Ph of the very alkaline water that we have in France and liquid chlorine. The instrumentation in the system accurately measures and adjust the Ph and then the Chlorine levels to ensure that your pool water has the exact minimum amount of chlorine required to ensure that the pool water is safe and healthy.

By ensuring that the pool water filtration system is never charged with excess chlorine the possibility of bleach damage to the pool's PVC liner is also minimised.

All you have to do is periodically fill up the chlorine and acid containers and the pool will always be healthy and clean. This system is particularly ideal for Clients with a holiday home that they only visit occasionally.

It is so disappointing to look forward to your holiday beside your dream pool and then find that you lose a week of your precious holiday treating your pool water to get rid of a very green cloud of disgusting looking algae!

The cost of the Automatic Chlorine Injection and Ph Control is currently 2995 euros HT. Part of the quite high cost involved is a consequence of the time required to set it up - but once it is set up and properly adjusted it should give many years of service before it requires re-calibration.

We believe that it is preferable to economise on pool size a little and install one of these sytems because they virtually guarantee water quality without the expenditure of lots of effort and time.

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