The Effect of Pool Quality on the Value of Property

Your pool as an investment

One of the Most Expensive purchases

Any swimming pool will probably be the 2nd or 3rd most expensive thing that you buy and so it is worth while examining whether it will be a good investment or not.

Fibre Glass and Modular Panel Pool Kits are just a Waste of Money

Please bear in mind that if you buy a glass fibre or modular panel pool kit, and it costs £15 to£ 20,000 and it has a 10 year guarantee then it will actually be costing £1500 to £2000 per annum in depreciation.

Fibre Glass and Modular Panel Pool Kits will have Negative Values in 10 years

Furthermore such pools will actually have a negative value because they will need to be removed eventually. This involves getting a fibre-glass pool out of the ground (a crane will not do it because of suction from the soil), cutting it up and loading it into a truck and then backfilling the hole. This will cost at least £5000 and possibly 6 or 7. The costs for a modular panel pool may be a bit less.

Perhaps it is better to buy a smaller high performance pool?

If you just want a pool to sit by and for the children to play in we suggest that you consider the installation of a small high quality pool and spend any further money that you might have available on labour saving devices like automatic pool chlorination, automatic PH control, robot cleaners and heat pumps to extend the swimming season. In most cases the argument that bigger is best does not apply to swimming pools (this is the exact opposite of what every other pool installer will tell you)

Think 10 years "Out"

Please remember that we both passionately believe that the pools that we install are the best value available. In 10 years time you will still have a pool that enhances the value of your property and will not be thinking "How much is it going to cost to get rid of that useless hole in the ground!"

Does the installation of a swimming pool increase the value of a property?

This is a leading question that many of our clients are very interested in after we have provided a pool installation proposal.

So how can you assess whether the pool that has been offered to you is good value for money?

There is one universal truth that applies in every country in the world - “If the pool is of poor quality it will reduce the value of your property”

Good Quality will include

Pool filtration equipment equipped with a sand filter and guaranteed to have the capacity to filter the whole pool in 6 hours or less (This is the minimum required to ensure that the water is not polluted - the filtration equipment for many kit pools will take 12 hours or more)


A heavy concrete structure designed by an engineer - If not and you have a high water table or clay in your garden the pool will possibly collapse the first time that it is emptied

A pool thaty is rectangular in shape? - many people only like the classic lines of rectangular pools

Coping stones and surround paving that is attractive and accurately laid with regular joints that line up with the paving that surrounds them.


The affect on property value following the installation of a high quality pool

(i) A quality pool will always add value to an upmarket property but it will be difficult to prove that the whole investment in the pool will be recouped - hence the better the value of the pool the higher the return.

(ii) Investment buyers for holiday lets view a pool as essential because the rates for holiday lets can normally be increased by between 50% and 100% - but pool heating will also be essential - especially in the UK.

(iii) Most private buyers of an upmarket country property want a pool - but they hate the mess and risk involved in getting one built.

(iv) An up market property with a pool will sell faster than one without if the properties are more or less comparable in price.

(v) The pool is valued higher if it is seen to be an integral part of the house by being close to it and connected by hard paving - as most can be.

In France where we built pools between 2004 and 2013 it was our experience that the cost of the pool was recouped on the sale of the property if it is a quality installation in an appropriate property.