Fibreglass Swimming Pool Renovation in the UK and France

Renovation of one piece fiberglass pools

This page is all about the renovation of one piece fiberglass pools in the UK or France.

The 0.5 to 0.6 mm thick gel coat on a fibre glass pool is all that protects the pool structure from quickly being seriously weakened, leading to rapid and total structural failure.

Swimming pool restoration or resurfacing as it is more accurately known can be sucessfully carried out by an expert.

Vinyl Liner Renovation

Fiber glass pools have had vinyl liners fitted to them as part of a renovation process and if the design of the pool makes this possible it is a good option to pursue.

Fiber glass is not Waterproof

There is a common misconception that fibreglass is water proof. It is not - otherwise fibre glass car bodies would last for ever.

It is only the gel coat surfacing that is water proof. What is worse is that the vulnerable underside of the fibre glass pool is often not protected from water at all.

If the surface of your fibre glass pool has started to deteriorate you can throw good money after bad by getting someone to put an epoxy coating on the surface. This is pretty costly - will not come with any sort of warranty that is worth the paper it is written on and just may prolong the life of your pool a couple of years.

Just remember that we live in a cool temperate West European climate - not a hot dry continental climate like the western US where the fibre glass pool was invented!

This can start to fail in 2 to 5 years and the failure is normally quite severe after 10 years.