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Concrete Block Wall Swimming Pools with a Vinyl Liner in the UK

The Pool Type favoured by the Artisans in France

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the structural system that is employed by many artisans in France to build their pools.

The excavate for the pool, build a foundation around the pool perimeter - many provide a heavy concrete slab over the whole floor area - this is in fact unneccassary and then erect hollow concrete block walls. Sometimes they use dense hollow concrete blocks for the whole wall and these are provided with quite a large amount of reinforcement before concreting.

Often they use lightweight concrete blocks and reinforce them with solid reinforced concrete columns and beams within the thickness of the wall itself.

The main drawbacks to this system is that:-

  • The wall face needs to be rendered before the PVC vinyl liner can be installed. This is a weather sensitive time consuming process that can often take months becaue of the requirement to wait for the concrete to thoroughly dry out or cure between the three or four coats that are required.
  • The walls do not provide any insulation
  • The pool is very costly because of the time that it takes to build.

The artisans are also often unfamiliar with pool equipment and do not install it properly - but apart from that these pools often work really well - and you may get one very cheaply if you can find the right artisan or builder.

But remember the whole process depends on the care that is taken during construction.

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