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Gunite, Guncast and Shotcrete Swimming Pools

What is Gunite?

Gunite - or guncast as some people call it - is a name that is used to refer to the spraying of dry concrete. A machine is used where dry mixed concrete is fed into a hopper and then forced down the line by compressed air to a "gun" that sprays it out onto a surfasce. . The nozzle gun has a water hose fitted to it that allows the operator to add the appropriate amount of water to ensure that the concrete "goes off".

It is most often used nowadays in the UK for spraying concrete on smaller repair areas where there is no room for the larger machinery involved with the wet spray process known as Shotcrete.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is sprayed wet concrete or mortar. In the wet process all the ingredients, including water, are premixed. The mix is then pumped to the nozzle where compressed air blows it onto the substrate.

Shotcrete has a wide range of uses - casting new structures, swimming pools, scuplting waterscapes, lining tunnels and ditches, slope stabilisation and complex shapes such as skateboard parks and earth retaining structures, strengthening and repairing existing structures of all types, providing fireproofing and chemical protection to steel, construction of tanks, basement walls, underground parking facilities and any other place that can not be formed and poured.

Tiled Swimming Pools

If a tiled swimming pool is deemed essential the shotcrete process is probably the optimum way to build the concrete structure for it.

The process looks like this - just give us a call if you need a tiled pool that does not leak



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