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Concrete Filled Polystyrene Block Wall "PolyBloK" swimming pools

Would'nt it be fantastic if we could find someone that:-

  • Has a proven system for the construction of luxury level insulated wall vinyl liner swimming pools
  • Can provide the drawings, expertise and a tip top technical specification
  • Can identify and set up a contract with a pool installer that is not going to go bust
  • Can supervise the work on site and certify that payments are due so that you do not risk losing any money
  • Can accept or reject any demands for additional payment by the swimming pool installer on our behalf

The French had the answer all along

After years of research and the construction of 40 pools in the difficult ground conditions of SW France Bluepools has developed a new pool structural system that takes full advantage of Vinyl Liner Technology.

Swimming pools in France have been built using this system the past 20 years by "Virginia Piscines” and “Esprit Piscines”

The French system with bells and whistles

Bluepools has developed and refined the French system by incorporating a horizontal reinforced concrete slab element that is connected to the top of the insulated reinforced concrete walls and spans from the top of the insulated wall to the undisturbed ground that surrounds the pool excavation. We call these the "ArConWall" slabs.

These slabs both support the paving that is laid around the pool so that it does not settle and also support the tops of the walls against ice expansion pressure in the video winter.

PolyBloK calls are now available in the UK!

We call these pools PolyBloK pools and are now introducing them to the United Kingdom swimming pool market. Every pool is installed with:-

  1. Automatic chlorination
  2. Automatic watertight and level control
  3. Sand Filtration system providing a complete pool water change in six hours
  4. The ArConWall slabs
  5. Top-quality vinyl liners with a 10 year guarantee

The PolyBloK system is available through a franchise system

The PolyBloK system is deployed through a Franchise system in the UK where Bluepools designs the pools, specifies the equipment and organises the pool contracts on behalf of highly experienced and independent pool installers.

Bluepools works for the pool buyer not the installer

As soon as you have signed the Pool Purchase Order Bluepools works for the Pool Buyer and make sure that your pool is built properly in every respect. You will see in detail how this works if you decide to move forward with us.

From a pool buyers point of view this has a lot of advantages:-

  • You know that the pool installer knows his job
  • You know that the pool installer is not going to go bust
  • The insulated pool structure will last forever
  • The sides will not collapse when it is emptied
  • The water will always be healthy - no matter how hot it is
  • It will not collapse under ice pressure in winter

The innovative PolyBloK approach provides lots of advantages for the pool buyer

The new and very innovative PolyBlok pool approach provides:-

  • Very experienced Installers
  • Comprehensive Purchase Order that spells out the Pool Installers obligations in writing
  • Fixed start/completion dates
  • Your own representative in Bluepools
  • Site Supervision by a professional
  • Low financial risk – Because the installers financial situation is checked by Bluepools
  • Bespoke schemes to suit your budget
  • Cost of extras kept under rigorous control
  • PolyBloK pools using best PVC liners and polystyrene block walls providing 40 year + structural life
  • Classic insulated wall, rectangular pools with Greek or Roman Steps
  • The most up-to-date safety and filtration technology

The Bluepools guarantee removes all risk from the pool buyer

And finally Bluepools guarantees that it will finish any pool that it's installers fail to finish for the money that is still left in the contract - You cannot beat a guarantee like this - and we are happy to give it because we have total confidence in all our installers.

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