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Why Most Panel Pools on the Market are a scam

The instructions on every panel pool kit say that the backfill around the pool must be free draining gravel, without any water in it. In spring in the UK, it is virtually impossible to ensure that the granular material that needs to be placed between the back of the pool wall and the edge of the pool dig, does not get water-logged in the spring. If the pool is emptied under these conditions the walls will collapse because the pool walls are not designed for this condition.

The installers all boast about their "Guarantees"

The panel pool sales merchants all brag about their so called 10 year guarantees.

However if you read the small print you will see that they only guarantee the pool wall components. So any wall collapse will just be blamed on "The Soil Conditions in your Garden" by the pool supplier who can then conveniently walk away from your problem.

And even more importantly, the guarantees only ever provide for "Component Replacement". But just how much is the labour going to cost when first the knackered pool has to be dug out and disposed of, then a new pool with the replacement components has to be built. By the way you cannot re-use a previously installed vinyl liner - and the guarantees never include a replacement liner. The paving around the pool will also have to be dug up and replaced at a substantial cost.

Anybody that is thinking of buying your house may not like a swimming pool with curved walls

Pools with curved walls

Panel pools and fibre glass pools are rarely rectangular because the design is so close to the knuckle that they have to have curved walls for structural stability at the time when the dry backfill is placed around them before the pool is filled with water. The walls are then stabilized by the water on one side and the gravel on the other. 

The average buyer of your property will take one look at the shape (If it is not rectangular)- and say I don't like that - and then discount the value of your property by the cost of replacing the pool with a rectangular one.

The filtration systems on a cheap swimming pool are often unsafe

The filtration system on these "Cheap" pools is invariably only capable of treating the whole volume of the pool water in 15 to 24 hours whereas this period should be 6 to 8 hours. The result is that the water is not filtered fast enough when the weather is very hot in July and August - result green water and sick bathers whenever the air temperature is above about 28 degrees C.


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