In-ground Swimming Pool Kits and How PolyBloks work and Case Studies of Pools built using the PolyBlok System

Bluepools is the only pool firm in the UK that offers this unique form of Inground Swimming Pool Construction

Apart from the very costly tiled pools this is the only inground pool type offered in the UK that can be safely emptied at any time - Follow this link to find out more about Ice Loading Risks in winter and scroll down for the Bluepools Pool Pictures.

Ice Loading on inground swimming pools in the Winter


PolyBLoK Wall Sketch

PolyBLoK Pool Installation Sequence

  1. Excavate for the pool
  2. Cast concrete wall foundation and install high yield vertical reinforcing bars
  3. Lock polystyrene blocks into place
  4. Fill them with high strength concrete
  5. Insert high yield steel connection bars through polystytrene into the wet concrete
  6. When the concrete has hardened remove outer polystyrene layer over 150 mm depth
  7. Place filling between wall and excavation
  8. Cast ARconWall slabs that resist Ice Loading and anchor the walls when pool has to be emptied
  9. Cast levelling concrete on pool floor
  10. Screed the floor of the pool
  11. Glue underfelt to walls and install pool liner
  12. Fill pool, install pool plant and commission the pool filtration equipment
  13. Landscape the levesl to the ground around the pool


What do the Polystyrene Blocks actually look like?

Please click on the thumbnail below if you would like to see a much bigger picture.

polyblok thumbnail

The polyblok on the left is a standard block and the one on the right is a special block for the pool corners. They can be cut to length so that they bond like bricks in a matter of seconds - so the whole pool wall structure takes about an hour or so to carry the blocks into the pool site and then erect them.

You can see the small lugs on each side of the block cross pieces that carry the 2 horizontal 8mm high yield steel reinforcing bars and in each of the 4 vertical cells of the block there is a similar bar that connects all the layers together and ties them down to the 500 mm wide 150mm thick high strength concrete foundation.

All that needs to be done then is to fill them up with concrete and backfill around the pool.

The connection bars (no 5 in the sketch) are pushed through the polystyrene into the wet concrete of the top block after concreting of that section of the wall has finished.

There is no stronger, quicker or easier way to build a very high strength earthquake-proof swimming pool that also has insulated walls

Believe me there is no stronger way of building an insulated inground swimming pool that will resist ice pressures and allow the pool to be emptied at any time of the year without any risk of wall collapse.

The only other inground pool on the market that is as strong as this are tiled pools on a concrete shell and they cost twice as much!

Swimming pool kits

Every PolyBlok swimming pool kit includes the following:-

Case Studies of Inground Swimming Pools built over the past 7 years using the PolyBLoK System

The inground pools shown on this page are a representative cross-section of the pools built by Bluepools over the past 5 years.

Please click on the thumbnail image for a larger picture. They are big files and may take a while to download.



Case 1 - Inground Pool near St Jean d'Angely finished in 2005 for Mr and Mrs Coley

We started to use the Cara Terra paving on this pool - It looks so good that we have installed it in every pool since this one - until 2009 when they ceased to be made.


pool picture

Case 2 - Inground Pool near Nontron for Mr and Mrs Ramsden

Surprisingly this is the only pool that we have built that just has decking without any paving stones. As you can see this works quite well and can be a sensible alternative when the subsoil is not good enough to support paving as was the case in this instance.

pool picture

Case 3 - Inground Pool in Argenton-sur-Creuse for Mr and Mrs Campbell

This pool is in a beautiful park like garden and the combination of part decking and part paving works really well visually.

pool picture

Case 4 - Pool near Cognac finished early in 2006 for Mr and Mrs Ritson

One of the nightmare pools to build. We knew before we started that we had a potential problem because the water level in the adjacent stream was only about 1 metre below the pool paving level. However we had hoped that the sub-soil would be clay so that the ground would not be too wet.

How wrong we were! The ground was fill and very wet. The first photo shows the sub-pool drainage that was installed. We extended the pipe up to ground level and pumped continuously for a month while we built the pool.

We also had to heavily reinforce the pool wall footings as well as the pool floor.

But the client was pleased with the finished project and it looks good as you can see from the second photograph



pool picture

pool picture

Case 5 - Inground 12 x 6 Pool Near Gemozac at a Gite Complex - built early 2006 for Kevin and Debbie Mills

This pool was built in very difficult ground. The top 800 mm of soil was very loamy topsoil that was difficult to deal with when wet. Beneath the topsoil was very hard rock. It took over two weeks to excavate the pool and its hopper down to the required finished level. It is a 12 x 6 pool built to DDASS standards

pool picture

Case 6 - In-ground Pool near Montendre - built for Mr Peter Butler

This pool was built in a very restricted site as the pictures show. The first was taken before we started and the second during the screeding of the pool floor.

We also installed a fosse and filter bed and the landscaping to the front garden.

pool picture

pool picture

Case 7 - Pool near St Jean d'Angely built in Spring 2006 for Mr and Mrs Benn

This small pool was built in delightful location overlooking fields and in a real sun trap. The safety fence spoils the pool appearance but it was necessary for the children that visit the site.

small pool

Case 8 - Inground Pool to the south of Bergerac built in summer 2006 for Mr and Mrs Markham

This pool was built on an awkward sloping site as the pictures show.

The first picture was taken on the first day and shows our PC 95 Komatsu digger. When we started in France we were called Bluebird Aventure Anonyme and that's why it says Bluebird on the digger.

This is not a cheap machine to maintain and cart about but it is often needed on steep slopes like this and when the ground is very rocky and hard to dig.

The second picture shows the walls completed and backfilled and the pool ready for the installation of the Roman End.

The third shows the completed pool. It was quite difficult to get the drainage around the pool right and the rain water off the hillside is taken past the pool by a large diamater pipe installed near the end of the house.

pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

Case 9 - Pool near Mirande, Gers built for Mr and Mrs Lund-Yates

This pool was one of those that showed us how difficult it is to build and maintain a pool that is nearly 300 km away from our base at Jonzac in Charente-Maritime.

The ground water table was very high after a few storms even though the pool was built in the middle of the summer.

The top picture shows our digger again as well as the Volvo HGV that we need to cart it about from site to site.

The site looks flat but it is on a slight slope with a massive area of land above it that channels water across the site during periods of high rainfall.

You will notice that this pool is only protected by an alarm even though it is in an unfenced garden - but it still complies with the law as it stands at the moment.

pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

Case 10 - Inground 12 x 6 Pool built near Argenton-sur-Creuse in Indre for Mr and Mrs Stobbart

This pool was a large 15 x 5 metres and again built a long way from our Jonzac base. The ground around the pool had to be built up to suit the required level at the end near the pool plant room and so the narrow paved areas in the picture are supported on concrete block piers to avoid subsidence.

pool picture

Case 11 - Small inground pool built near Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure in Charente for Mr and Mrs Smith

This pool was built on a very restricted site as can be seen.

pool picture

Case 12 - Pool built near Saujon, Charente-Maritime for Mr and Mrs D.Timmins.

This was a small pool built in very bad ground conditions - but the weather was quite dry and so it went quite well.

You can see how bad the ground is beneath our small digger the Komatsu PC 27R

pool picture

Case 13 - Very large luxury In-ground swimming pool built in the spring / summer of 2007 near Monflinquin in Lot-et-Garonne for Mr and Mrs Bull

Well - this is the biggest pool that we have built and it was one big big big problem!

It did not look too bad when we started - you can just see the outline of the pool location on the first picture.

The second two pictures show what the site was really like. We had to install a 50 metre long large diameter drain just to get the site dry enough for the digger to move around the site.

Eventually we got the foundations finished as you can see from the fourth picture.

The pool and walls are built on consolidated fill and so the foundations of both the walls and the pool are highly reinforced.

We also had to build the 2.5 metre high curved retaining wall in reinforced concrete filled hollow concrete blocks. At one end of the wall we built an underground plant room as well as a long flight of suspended concrete steps over 4.5 metres high.

The walls were covered with Orsol concrete facings and the pool was equipped with a floating safety cover that is mounted on submerged motor driven roller.

The project took about 6 months to build and the final contract value was about 120,000 euros HT.



pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

pool picture

Case 14 - Pool built in the winter / spring 2007 near Ruffec in Charente for Mr and Mrs Roberts.

This pool was built in the very wet weather conditions of spring 2007

pool picture

Case 15 - Pool built at Challignac, near Barbezieux for Mr and Mrs O'Leary

Another of the pools that were hit by the awful weather conditions of 2007.

However the site itself was dry and there were no subsoil or ground water problems.

pool picture

Case 16 - Inground Pool built at Aujac, near Matha for Mr Ian Morris

Another of the pools that were hit by the awful weather conditions of 2007. We were late starting it and was still not quite finished in the second picture.

The first picture shows the excavation and the very high ground water levels - this rose immediately after any rain and continuous pumping from an underpool was required during pool construction.

This pool has a square Roman End - they are a 1000 euros cheaper than the semi-circular ones and they provide a lot bigger seating area for those times when you just want to sit in the pool to cool down!

pool picture

pool picture

Case 17 - 12 x 6 pool built for Mr C Shearing 16150 Chirac
Case 18 - Small pool built in a very restricted site for Mr A Patterson 17160, Les Touches de Perigny
Case 19 - 8 x 4 pool built in very poor ground conditions for Mr P Robinson at 17160 Matha

Case 20 - Interior Pool liner and plumbing installed near Tarbes in the Pyrenees for Mr Overend

This project only involved the liner and pool plumbing installation

pool picture
Case 21 - 11 x 5 pool that was eventually fitted with an above ground automatic cover for Mr and Mrs P Stevenson at Paille 17470

Case 22 - Inground 10 x 5 pool built in very bad groud conditions for Mr K. Ransome at Belleville 79360

We excavated for the pool just before Xmas in 2007 and returned in Jan 2008 to find the excavation completely full of water.

Case 23 - 12 x 5 pool built at Moulidars 16290 for Mr Nigel Parrish

Case 24 - 10 x 5 pool built for Mr T. Dodds at 17510 Bois Giffard .

We also constructed a large fosse filter bed and two 4000 litre fosse toutes eaux tanks on this site.


Case 25 - Inground 12 x 6 swimming pool built with a large paved area on a very steep difficult site for Mr M. Brooks at 16190 Juignac.

The top illustration shows the one of the sketches of the proposed pool at tender stage and shows just how complex this project was.

The second picture shows how steep the bank was - some of the foundations below the pool are nearly 6 metres deep.

The final photo shows the finished pool. The project took about 4 months from start to finish and cost about 100,000 Euros HT. The client was not charged for any extra apart from those changes that he ordered.




Case 26 - small in-ground 8 x 4 Pool built on the bank of the River Lot for Mr H McKnight at 47130 Clairac
Case 27 - 10 x 5 pool built with a Greek End on one long side for Dr Jenkins at 87900 Cheronnac

Case 28 - 10 x 5 pool built alongside renovated barn for Mr P Johnson at 86400 St Macoux.

This picture also illustrates how the hopper bottoms are formed in mass concrete.


Case 29 - 13 x 6 m Infinity edge pool built for Mr W Cussans at 17150 St Georges des Agouts

The second picture shows the infinity edge in operation.

The third picture shows the pool plant room and gives some idea of the size and complexity of the kit involved.

The paving around this pool was very special and imported from the UK but laid by Bluepools.





Case 30 - 11 x 5 pool with a diving board and above ground automatic cover built for Dr D Sharer at 17150 St Sorlin de Conac.