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Buying Pools is a Risky Business

Buying a pool has always been a chancy business – and the risks have Now got a whole lot worse! The recession has resulted in many pool installers cutting corners to reduce costs and they are still going bust!

What can go wrong?

Here are some typical quotes that I have heard in the last couple of years:-

Cowboy Pool Builders

Many Cowboy pool builders are like the Cowboy builders that we see on TV ….. They mean well .... But pure ignorance causes them to make disastrous mistakes – and pools are a lot more difficult to build than house extensions!

The Risk is Avoidable

BUT You do not have to risk losing the pure joy, pride and pleasure that can be gained from an elegant pool in your garden because of poor project execution Bluepools can ensure that you will get that Luxury swimming pool ….on Time ….and within Your Budget

Let me tell You How You can Avoid the Risk

The 3 Essential Elements

The 3 Essential Elements that You require to get the Pool of Your Dreams for an Affordable Price are:-

Essential Element No 1) A Robust Concept Pool Design

The First Essential Element is to get the Design right

So we give Close Attention to:-

Please Remember That You Must have Design Drawings

A Design that You have approved is Essential – even if You just want a rectangular pool on a level site ….if you do not have Basic Drawings and a Specification before work starts on site …. …. the likelihood of getting a good job is pretty remote!!

Custom Designs for Unusual or Difficult Sites

We can also deal with particularly difficult pool sites all at the same design cost

– we can deal with them all

Essential Element No 2) A Rugged Pool Structure

The Second Essential Element is to choose an economic robust pool structure

Europe Leads US in Vinyl Liner Pool Technology

In Europe Vinyl Liner pools built using the PolyBloK wall system provide the best quality pools at the most affordable price.

Vinyl Liners are made in a factory to fit the exact pool size and shape as well as any Steps

In most ways the US leads the world in swimming pool products But Europe leads the way in vinyl liner technology – it was invented here in Germany and continues to be developed here in Europe.

It is now widely used in commercial and public pools

10 Year Guarantees

Even domestic pool liners now come with a no quibble 10 year guarantee

Any Colour or Pattern that You want

The Liners are provided in a large range of printed patterns, friezes and colours that add very little to their low cost

The Liner keeps the water in and so the Pool Structure can be cheaper with low cost floors

Vinyl Liner technology keeps the water in the pool ….so that the walls only have to stand up to the earth and water loading ....And do not need to be watertight as well.

Many vinyl pool installers have no idea what is important and what is not in terms of the pool structure.

Many cling to the outdated pre-vinyl liner high strength waterproof concrete box concept…. ..that results in the installation of very thick highly reinforced floor slabs that are a complete waste of money.

Bluepools concentrates of Providing Cost Effective Walls

Bluepools concentrates on the pool wall design and its stability …. …We make sure that the concrete is put where it is most needed.

If the pool is on a decent founding layer of reasonably hard ground … ..the pool floor can be leveled up with concrete and finished with a thin sand / cement screed.

So Your £’s or €’s should be spent on the walls and the concrete around the top of the walls… ……not wasted on the pool floor!

PolyBloKs are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!

One of our Trade Secrets … …. Gained from French Pool Technolgy…. …. is to use hollow polystyrene blocks to form the pool walls … just like Lego!

We call them PolyBloKs The ones we use are 1m long x 250 mm wide x 300mm high… ….and they are made from very dense strong Polystyrene.

PolyBloK is a Trade Mark owned by Bluepools.....

.....they look like this

The one on the right is for the pool corners - click on the picture for a bigger graphic

polybloks graphic

Can you imagine how strong these walls are when you have 4 or 5 layers of them with horizontal and vertical high yield reinforcing bars and then filled with high strengthconcrete - it is no wonder that they are ice and earthquake proof!

10 Days to Build the Pool Walls

Using these a Builder

can dig the hole for the pool, place the wall foundation, erect the PolyBlok wall with the steel bar reinforcement…. …..and fill it with concrete - in just 10 days!!

The Result? ……….. A fast built, fully insulated pool with very strong walls, that will last a lifetime!

But wait …. That is not the whole story

Most panel pools – including all those famous and costly panel pool kits…. Are very likely to collapse when they are emptied and also be severely damaged by ice loading in the winter.

Ice loading and subsidence around the pool is an issue for PolyBloK pools and so we have developed the ARConWall pool structural system.

The ARConWall Structural System

../ARConWall structural system

PolyBLoK Pool Installation Sequence

  1. Excavate for the pool
  2. Cast concrete wall foundation and install high yield vertical reinforcing bars
  3. Lock polystyrene blocks into place
  4. Fill them with high strength concrete
  5. Insert high yield steel connection bars through polystytrene into the wet concrete
  6. When the concrete has hardened remove outer polystyrene layer over 150 mm depth
  7. Place filling between wall and excavation
  8. Cast ARconWall slabs that resist Ice Loading and anchor the walls when pool has to be emptied
  9. Cast levelling concrete on pool floor
  10. Screed the floor of the pool
  11. Glue underfelt to walls and install pool liner
  12. Shows the line of weakened soil after excavation

Bluepools will install any type of pool that You Want

While we do believe that PolyBloK pools with the ARConWall slabs provide the best Value for Money…. ……we would be pleased to design and help You procure the installation any pool type …. such as a fibre-glass pool or a luxury tiled Shotcrete pool.

Essential Element No 3) - Become a Pool Owner-Builder

All as described in detail on the Home page of this Website