Does Swimming Pool After Sales Service Matter?

Yes it does - But It should not Effect your Decision on who to use to Build Your Swimming Pool

The Most important Pool Installation Elements

Bluepools has the specialist expertise needed to ensure that the most important elements of a swimming pool meet all the requirements of its Clients and these include:-

  1. The pool tank structure
  2. The appearance, water tightness and life of the PVC vinyl liner
  3. The attractiveness, comfort, safety and low maintenance requirement of the paving around the pool
  4. The water tightness and life expectancy of the deck level gutter and associated pipework and balance tank
  5. The capacity of the water filtration system to treat the whole pool volume in the time required by the bathing load to keep the pool water healthy and sparkling
  6. The reliability of the water filtration control equipment
  7. Sustainable Heating and Operating costs

None of these items are connected in any way with the likelihood that any pool installer will provide a satisfactory After Sales Service.

Swimming Pool Risks

The biggest risk in pool installation is that the above requirements will not be delivered.


"After Sales Service should not affect your choice of pool installer because the biggest risks in having a major pool problem always occur during installation - not operation"

The Bluepools Solution to the Problem of ensuring trouble free Pool Operation is to provide the following on every Project:-

  1. 1) A Fitness for Purpose guarantee on every item of equipment that it provides - if it does meet the requirements of the Specification it will be replaced Free of Charge
  2. 2) A comprehensive Operating Manual that deals with every aspect of pool operation using the equipment that Bluepools has supplied
  3. 3) A one year guarantee that every piece of equipment suipplied by Bluepools will be replaced free of charge if any Manufacturing defect occurs with one year of the pool being put into operation. NOTE that this is not from the date of invoice as is normally provided.
  4. 4) On site Training of all Pool Operations Staff by an Instructor that is qualified by the P.A.L.M. Academy