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Stainless Steel Deck Level Pool Design

These stunning pool - especially when indoors can look like this - please click on the image to see a bigger graphic

indoor deck level pool

Why use stainless steel for a swimming pool?

Chlorine and humid warm air are a very corrosive environment for metals and materials. Stainless steel has a long history of success in swimming pools and has a lower corrosion rate than any other metal that is economic to use.

It is highly suitable for the walls and floors of swimming pools but the right grade of stainless steel needs to be selected and the whole facility designed to optimise access for maintenance and cleaning,

During construction stainless steel pools are very superior to concrete tank pools because:-

What is a Deck Level Swimming Pool?

They are called this because the water level in the swimming pool is maintained at pool deck level.

Practically this actually means the level of the deck on the outside of the channels that surround the entire pool. These continuosly drain water from the pool whenever the pool filtration system is in operation and give that constant pleasant sound of running water that you hear when in one of these super pools.

This design approach removes the step in level between the pool and surrounding deck - that you always have with a skimmer pools and so makes the pool seem to be a lot bigger than it actually is.

However the most important benefit that a deck level pool provides is that the overflow channels very effectively and constantly remove and filter the surface layer of pool water that contains a large proportion of the pathogens, bacteria and organic matter that exist in every swimming pool

This all makes a deck level pool ideal for indoor installation

The deck level pool effect also provides a modern contempory feel to the pool that ideally suits health and fitness clubs where ambiance is so important.

It is vitally important to get the design and installation of the overflow channels 100% correct so that:-

These over-flow channels can be built and covered in many ways.

The channels can be in concrete, PVC, fibre-glass or stainless steel and the gratings can be in PVC, stainless steel or even reconstituted stone

Sometimes reconstituted stone is used to form a slot so that a grating is not required - this can give very dramatic visual effects.

There is no doubt that stainless steel is particularly suitable for the design and installation of a deck level pool because it has many advantages over heavy concrete and tiled pools and is ideal for all new commercial pools.

Stainless steel deck level pools look like this:-

Typical commercial stainless steel pool installation in a health and fitness club. Please click on the image for a bigger graphic.

commercial stainless steel pool installation


Typical commercial stainless steel hydrotherapy pool installation in a health and fitness club. Please click on the image for a bigger graphic.

typical commercial stainless steel hydrotherapy pool installation


Typical stainless steel over flow channel - note typical signs of corrosion because welds have not been cleaned up properly. Please click on the image for a bigger graphic

typical stainless steel over flow channel



Typical stainless steel pool wall details

Please click on the image for a bigger graphic


The Owner-Builder approach to Pool Installation is ideal for Stainless STeel Deck Level Pools because Pool Installation Contractors charges are ridiculous for something that is not a lot more complicated than a conventional swimming pool




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