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Does Swimming Pool After Sales Service Matter?

Yes it does - But It should not Effect your Decision on who to use to Build Your Swimming Pool

The Most important Pool Installation Elements

As a Chartered Engineer I consider the most important pool elements are:-

None of these items are connected in any way with the likelihood that any pool installer will provide a satisfactory After Sales Service.

Swimming Pool Risks

The biggest risk in pool installation are as follows:




Pool Installer going bust Very High - Loss of a lot of money
Collapse of the Pool Walls Very High - New Pool required
Pipework and Liner Leaks High - Can lead to structural problems in adjacent building foundations
Polluted Pool water High - Disease in swimmers
Pool unusable because of equipment failure Low - Pool cannot be used until it is repaired / replaced

The conclusion that I draw from this is that After Sales Service should not affect your choice of pool installer.

I am going to say that again in different words:-

"After Sales Service should not affect your choice of pool installer because the biggest risks in having a major pool problem always occur during installation - not operation"

Pool Installation Contract Warranty Period

No matter how carefully the pool installer carries out his obligation to build the pool and install the pool equipment in accordance with the pool equipment suppliers instruction manual there will be equipment failures that are outside the control of the pool installer.

We have found that electrical equipment failures seem to be the thing that aggravate Pool Buyers the most. This is probably because they can happen at any time - normally when most inconvenient!

The Pool Installer is often the fall guy

The Pool Installer is often the fall guy in these circumstances simply he has provided the kit and is seen quite rightly as the pool expert. But at the end of the day these can always be put right by a Service Engineer with a screwdriver and some cheap parts.

One Year Guarantee Period

So Bluepools ensures there is a one year period after the pool has been commissioned when the pool installer is responsible for putting everything that goes wrong right and Bluepools will make sure that the pool installer does so.

The main reason for this is that there is no way of knowing whether early failures in equipment are caused by faulty installation or by faulty equipment.

After one years use it is very unlikely that any equipment failure has been caused by faulty installation.

Components such as the Liner with Longer Guarantees

There are certain pool components such as the pump and filter that have longer guarantees than a year but the Pool Buyer must expect to pay the labour costs associated with pool plant removal and replacement after 1 years use of the pool.

If there is a problem with the pool liner the Pool Buyer should ask the pool installer to visit and report on the problem. If he does not resolve the issue then contact Bluepools and we will ensure that your liner problem is resolved

Pool Maintenance Contract

So if you want someone to look after the maintenance of your swimming pool then find the right person or firm and place a contract with them to provide the service that you want after the 1 year warranty period has expired.

Bluepools can find someone to do this for a fee but to be honest you are more likely to find someone by asking amongst friends and neighbours.

The most important criteria is that they live closeby and are not constantly away on holiday. People that know what they are doing will probably provide this service for between 15 and 20 Euros or Pounds per square metre of pool area - so that a 10 x 5 pool in the UK will cost between £750 and £1000 per annum



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