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The Different Types of Pool and Pool Features

UK and French Swimming pool types

The first decision that you will probably make about your new swimming pool in the UK or France is whether to have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool and this decision is normally based on choice rather than economics.

Although indoor swimming pools are a lot more costly the decision on whether to have one or not is a lifestyle thing and if you have the resources to build one and you want one the very high cost will probably not stand in your way.

Indoor swimming pools are always seen as an intrinsic part of the house in which they are built and outdoor pools are seen as part of the garden.

Curiously enough, an indoor swimming pool always enhances the value of an upmarket property whereas an outdoor swimming pool may not in the UK. It nearly always increases property value in France - normally by the amount that has been spent on the pool - provided that it is a concrete rectangular pool. I am afraid that kits and round pools just do not cut the mustard in this respect!

On the other hand a decision between an above ground or inground swimming pool will almost invariably be made on the basis of comparison in cost between the two.

And there is no doubt about it - above ground pools can be spectacularly ugly! - even if they are very cheap.

Review of swimming pool types

If you look at our review of swimming pool types you will see that we have covered inground pools of the following types:-

Our review looks at the pros and cons of all these types of swimming pool and the problems that can be associated with each type.



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