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Frequently Asked Questions


How much would a small indoor pool cost if it is built on a Self-build basis?

Most indoor pools will require a pool hall area that is between 1.8 and 2.8 times the pool area - see the graph below

The cost of the pool hall will depend on the following factors

How to calculate the cost of a Private (Not Commercial) Indoor Pool and Pool House

First of all decide How big your indoor pool is going to be - they can be anything from a spa sized 4 x 2 metres up to a 25 x 4 lap pool.

Then calculate its area and the pool house size factor from this chart

chart to calculate pool hall size


When you have calculated the pool area multiply this by the Size Factor from the graph above.

The Costs per square metre in Column 2 of the table below are the aggregate cost of the pool and pool house based on the pool house size. The size factor that the graph is based on assumes that the pool has a 1m space around it on 2 x long sides and 1 x short side and 3 metres on the other short side. The pool plant is housed under the concrete pool deck that surrounds the pool within the pool house.

So for example an 8 x 4 metre pool will require a pool hall of 2.2 x 8 x 4 = 70 square metres and so the cost of the pool and hall will be 70 x £1400 =£98,000 on a Self-Build basis

More Examples are shown in the table below.




Pool Size

Average Cost / m2

Factor from Graph

Pool Hall Size

Total Cost

6 x 4 £1500 2.4 58 m2 £87,000
8 x 4 £1400 2.2 70 m2 £98,000
9 x 4 £1300 2.15 77 m2 £100,000
10 x 4 £1300 2.1 84 m2 £110,000
10 x 5 £1200 1.95 98m2 £118,000
12 x 4 £1200 1.95 94 m2 £113,000
12 x 6 £1000 1.85 133 m2 £133,000



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