FAQ 5 I want to install a Pool and wondered whether I should consider a Basement pool or even an Underground pool in the Garden - what are the pros and cons?


Buried Pool Halls and Basement Pools should always be considered because:-

1) - They are a lot cheaper to operate because the reduction in heat loss is so dramatic

2) - They do not ruin the appearance of your garden or obstruct existing views

3) - Buried pool halls can be cheaper to build because high quality external finishes are required for luxury pool hall buildings - but this is offset by the cost of excavation and disposal of the excavation arisings

Installing a Basement pool under an existing building

These always need a lot of design input because:-

Buried pool halls are a better option

So it is probably better to consider having a buried pool hall in your back garden

It might look something like this

buried pool hall thumbnail

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Construction Costs

If you have an access of 2m or more to your back garden and especially if you have somewhere on site to dispose of the excavation arisings it is surprising just how quickly and cheaply a pool like this can be built.

The real cost can only be determined after a site investigation and some preliminary design work has been carried out.

Operating costs

The heating and energy costs involved in running a small indoor pool can easiily amount to 50 or 60 £'s or €'s per week. With a buried pool hall - especially one built in polybloks with an insulated roof the heat loss into the surrounding air is eliminated and so the buried pool hall:-

Build a Garage or Gym at the same time?

buried pool hall under garage

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This will of course increase the cost a little but it can kill two birds with one stone - especially if you would like a gym or even a snooker table in your garden!


The Self-Builder approach to Basements and Basement Pool Installation is ideal because Will Witt is a chartered Civil Engineer who can make sure that the risks involved in Basement Pool Construction are minimised