Our Design & Installation Process

Outdoor Self-Build Swimming Pools

I. This is not DIY - so what does Self Build mean?

The Client acts as Project Manager and lets sub-contracts to several Trade Contractors - although many Clients muck in and do quite a lot of the work!

The Client will appoint the builder/tradesmen, regularly check on progress, ensure appropriate payments are made, decide on finishes and the pool equipment options etc.

They must also make sure that an experienced builder is appointed as the Site Manager and the Building Inspector Notices are sent on time.

Bluepools will provide all the necessary support and advice so the builder/landscaping contractor will not need to have any previous experience of pool construction. However, a Site Manager must be designated and it is essential that he has a substantial amount of building or groundworks experience.

If you already have a Builder that you trust or are a Builder and want to build a pool for your Client this approach is just what you need !

The Benefits of Self-Building your new Swimming Pool

  1. Control of the Construction Schedule
  2. Control of the Type/Quality of the Pool Equipment
  3. Control of the Type/Quality of Coping Stones and Paving
  4. A fully engineered Filtration system in accordance with Clear Clean Water principles
  5. Choice of the Type of Pool Safety Equipment
  6. A saving of about 40 % in the Total Pool Cost

Alternatively, If you do not have a Builder or have very limited time to spare, Bluepools can undertake the project on a fixed cost inclusive quote basis - see Option 2 below

How does it work in practice?

Bluepools becomes your Specialist Pool Consultant & Expert Advisor and will stand alongside you throughout the entire project from Concept to Completion.

The comprehensive set of Design Drawings & the Specification that we provide are essential in Self-Build Pools as this eliminates the risk of getting something wrong.

Bluepools also provides all the pool equipment from top quality suppliers so that the pool Self-Builder does not have to worry about the nitty gritty of making sure that all the parts fit together properly and pool installation is not delayed because some vital part is missing.

Some Clients may still be nervous of something going wrong. Bluepools provides a guarantee that if any of the pool equipment is not suitable to ensure swimming facilities meet current domestic pool industry standards, we will immediately replace all the deficient parts. This is in accordance with our "Clear Clean Water" principles.

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Bluepools provides a comprehensive Folio of detailed drawings and installation instructions and will provide advice and guidance to the Self Builder and/or his sub-contractors throughout the project.

II. Quotation for the Supply of Design Services & Pool Equipment

If you get in touch via our contact form and provide details of your requirements we will provide a detailed quotation for the supply of Design Services and Pool Equipment for your consideration.

This will include the following:

III. Scope of the Design Services

The Design Services would include the following:

Special Services

Where any of the following are required Bluepools will normally provide the Service free of charge if the necessary topographical plans / landscaping details are available

IV. Pool Installation Options

Where the pool is within a 100 mile radius of Salisbury Bluepools can provide two options for the pool installation. The choice can be made by the Client after Bluepools has carried out the Concept Design and provided the Quotation.

Option 1

Bluepools provides Design Services and all the Pool Equipment and the Client appoints and manages his own Builder as described in detail above.

Option 2

Bluepools will undertake the whole project on the basis of the Quotation for both the Pool Equipment and the Labour, Plant and Builders Materials.

Under Option 2 the contract will be on a fixed price inclusive basis and Bluepools will undertake all the Project Management.

Would you like to receive a detailed Bluepools Proposal for the Concept & Detailed Design for your pool?

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