Heating & Ventilation
in Pool Halls

I. The Multi-Purpose Air Handling Unit

Technical Complexity

Ventilating and heating pool halls is a complex process. The control of evaporation from the water is a function not normally encountered in standard heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and is often misunderstood by designers that are not experienced in the complexity of Pool Hall design.

In a Pool Hall, the air is primarily heated by heat transfer via convection - latent heat loss through evaporation and radiation from the pool water surface.

Air Handling Unit Facilities

As a consequence, the water temperature also needs to be controled by the HVAC - these units are called Air Handling Units (AHUs) and are designed to provide comfortable, safe environmental conditions for anyone in the Pool Hall.

They do this by providing :

In practice this is carried out by the provision of a large air intake just above pool water level that sucks air into the AHU, extracts water vapour from it, heats or cools it and returns it to the pool hall by ducting to diffusers that provide a curtain of warm dry air in front of all the glazed areas to avoid condensation.

At the same time, the pool water that is being pumped thought the filtration system is piped to the AHU where it is brought up to the required temperature by Low Pressure Hot Water from a gas boiler or Air Source Heat Pump.

The pool hall air also needs to be kept fresh. The AHU does this by discharging a proportion of the air pasing though it to waste outside and replacing it with fresh air from outside, providing about 6 complete pool hall air changes per hour.

Energy is conserved in the AHU by the use of a heat pump or a heat exchanger to extract heat from the outgoing waste air and transfer it to the incoming fresh air.

AHU Design Parameters

Bluepools prepares a spreadsheet incorporating all the detailed characteristics of the pool hall and pool, including areas, U values and a list of all the variables. The AHU is custom built for every indoor pool.

As a result every AHU that Bluepools supplies will provide optimal control of the pool and pool hall environment at the lowest possible Operating Cost.

II. Heatstar Air Handling Units

The following Heatstar Air Handling Units allow the optimisation of the Energy Efficiency of Pool Halls and the minimisation of the Carbon Footprint.

The Andromeda and XF machines described below are inherently reliable and will give at least 20 years service without the need for major repair if they are properly serviced.

ANDROMEDA EC Type 1000 to 12000

Ideal for domestic swimming pools, the Andromeda combines a dehumidifying heat pump with low energy digital fan technology, enabling highly effective environmental control with minimal energy use.

This machine incorporates:

Click here for the specification of the ANDROMEDA EC TYPE 1000 to 2000.

XF EC Type 1000 to 12000

Ideal for all newly designed indoor swimming pools where a higher level of demand is anticipated - the XF provides effective humidity control, genuine heat recovery, full rate fresh air and both air and pool water heating – all from a single, easily installed unit.

This machine incorporates:

Click here for the specification of the XF EC TYPE 1000 to 12000.


Bluepools has a large UK portfolio of very successful pool projects that were all custom engineered to meet a wide range of design challenges.

Our solutions are illustrated here: