Outdoor Pool Installation

To be successful, swimming pool installation projects require specialist knowledge and experience.

Bluepools' Design & Build Service provides Custom Designs for approval by the Client before installation starts on every project.

The Design Team is led by a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer that has been working in the swimming pool industry for 25 years and has unrivalled experience in every aspect of pool construction projects.

Bluepools will manage the entire swimming pool installation process from Concept to Completion. This eliminates the need for an Architect or Engineer and any complications that arise from using professionals with very little experience of swimming pool construction.

Custom Design for Each Client

We design every pool on a bespoke basis to mirror the requirements of every Client in terms of location, orientation, size, depth, water circulation and disinfection and cover type. We have extensive experience of building pools on difficult sites. Bluepools is the only UK pool designer that is led by a Chartered Civil Engineer with this unqiue blend of pool design and construction experience.

infinity edge pool detail infinity edge pool

Swimming Pool Design

Polyblok Pool Tanks

After 25 years experience of swimmming pool installation, Bluepools always uses ICF for the construction of pool tanks. We use Insulated Concrete Forms manufactured by Polysteel as these forms are of premium quality and provide the quickest and most economic way to build premium quality walls that will virtually last forever. The dense polystyrene internal face provides an ideal flat surface for the vinyl liner to rest upon, thus ensuring the pool finish is comparable with any tiled pool.

Polyblok ICF Pools

Deck Level, Infinity Edge or Freeboard

In deck level pools, the water flows over the pool coping through a grill around the pool perimeter which provides a better system for the removal of the surface layer of water as the entire pool perimeter is being used.

An infinity edge pool has one edge where the water flows over a weir into a trough and the swimmers in the pool have an inspiring view of the distant landscape as shown below on a pool built by Bluepools in near Mirambeau in France.

In freeboard pools the water level is kept about 150mm below the pool coping level by skimmers with weirs that are design to remove the top few centimetres of the pool water to optimise the water treatment process.

Freeboard Pool ICF Outdoor Pool Infinity Edge Deck Level Outdoor ICF Pool

Deck Level or Infinity Edge

Vinyl Liners: Preferred in Premium Pools

Tiling is very expensive and risky to install. Therefore most premium quality outdoor pools use in-situ vinyl liners that look fantastic and are provided with 10-year guarantees.

Freeboard Outdoor Pool Alkorplan Vinyl Liner Outdoor Pool Bag Vinyl Liner

Tiling or Vinyl Liner

Energy Efficiency

At Bluepools, we specialise in the Design and Installation of an intergrated pool heating system with PV units and an automatic floating cover which reduces running costs to very affordable levels.

Outdoor Pool Automatic Floating Cover Automatic Pool Cover Installation

Outdoor Pool Heating

Outdoor Entertainment Centre & Pool Plant Room

These facilities can range from small timber sheds to bespoke outdoor entertainment centres which include a kitchen and dining room. We specialise in the design of every detail of such facilities that can add so much value to swimming pool installation projects.

Outdoor Pool Kitchen Area Infinity Edge Deck Level Outdoor ICF Pool

Pool Plant Room