Pool Engineer Design

Every Indoor Swimming Pool incorporates many complex component parts that must be be Fit for Purpose and provide trouble-free Service for a long time.

The vast majority of Architects and Structural Engineers have no direct experience of Indoor Swimming Pool design and often make many fundamental mistakes that are both very difficult and costly to put right.

When you employ Bluepools you get the direct benefit of the experience and technical expertise gained from the hundreds of pool projects that Bluepools has successfully carried out.

I. How does it work?

Option 1:

Bluepools is Project Leader

Bluepools designs:

Bluepools negotiates and places contracts with Groundworkers, Builders, Plumbers and Electricians and any other trades - for an agreed fee. Bluepools also supplies all the Pool Equipment at a discount on list prices.

This allows the Client to adopt a "hands-off" approach and leave the nitty gritty entirely to Bluepools.

Alternatively the Client can introduce a Builder who must provide an experienced Site Manager to lead the Site Team and Bluepools acts as technical advisor, consultant and designer.

It is likely that the Client will be more "hands-on" in this situation especially when the budget is of primary importance.

Option 2:

Bluepools is part of the Project Team

Bluepools is invited to join the Clients team by the Architect / Builder / Developer and designs the following to suit the prescribed pool layout set out on existing plans - for an agreed fee:

Bluepools also supplies all the Pool Equipment at a discount on list prices.

The Benefits of the Pool Engineer Service

  1. Optimal Pool Design in every detail
  2. Control of the Pool Equipment Type & Quality
  3. Control of Type & Quality of Pool Hall Floor & Ceiling finishes
  4. Control of Progress & Co-ordination of Trades to minimise waste and duplication of effort
  5. Choice of Disinfection Systems
  6. Sparkling Water Filtration Quality
  7. Widest choice of bubblers, jets and seat arrangment in a hot tub
  8. Control the Type & Reliability of Pool Safety Equipment
  9. Save up to 40% on Total Pool Cost
  10. Avoid the Risk of Large Upfront Payments to Contractors

How It Works In Practice

The comprehensive set of Design Drawings and the Specification that Bluepools provides are essential for domestic Pools as this eliminates the risk of getting something wrong that requires costly remedial works.

You will receive a comprehensive Folio of detailed drawings & installation instructions with advice and guidance available to the whole team throughout the project.

Bluepools provides all the pool equipment from top quality suppliers so you don't have to worry about parts being missing or making sure it all fits together properly which could delay installation.

Some Clients may still be nervous of the complexity involved in every indoor pool project. But Bluepools provides a guarantee that if any of the pool equipment is not suitable to ensure swimming facilities meet current domestic pool industry standards, all the deficient parts will immediately be replaced. This is in accordance with our policy of providing Clear Clean Water for all projects.

Clear Clean Water

II. Design & Installation Process

An indoor domestic pool is a complex project that will require specialist design skills to ensure that the pool is fit for purpose and built to last.

Our Design & Installation Process is made up of 3 key stages. Here we provide a step by step explanation of each stage:

  • Bluepools visits the location for a Site Meeting with the Client to identify the detailed requirements, take the necessary measurements, photographs and utility location detail OR the Architect sends Bluepools the planning drawings.
  • Bluepools considers the requirements, develops 3D structural layouts of the pool and undercroft, then emails these to the Client/Architect for comment.
  • Bluepools incorporates the comments and provides a revised sketch.
  • This continues on an iterative basis until the Client/Architect is completely satisfied and approves the Design.
  • Bluepools then provides a Preliminary Estimate of the Cost of the complete Pool Installation (including an estimate of the cost of wall and roof finishes, any special foundations, retaining walls, paved areas and underground plant rooms etc).
  • Bluepools provides a quotation for the Detailed Design Fees for the structural, piping, plant and electrical equipment & the supply of the specialist pool equipment from Indoor Pool Equipment Specialists who provide the equipment manufacturing fault guarantees.
  • The Client now has fixed prices for the pool equipment and an estimate of the cost for the whole pool project.

  • Bluepools undertakes the detailed building and pool equipment design and provides the documents that may be required for pricing by Builders / Trade Contractors.
  • Bluepools undertakes the detailed structural design and provides a Folio of drawings for Building Regulation Approval (Indoor pools only) including structural design calculations and steel reinforcement schedules.
  • The Client obtains quotes from Trade Contractors for the supply of building materials, the pool hall construction, the pool installation and the installation of the pool equipment.

  • The Client places the orders with the Trade Contractors and with Bluepools for the pool equipment.
  • The Building Control Inspector is commissioned to inspect the work for compliance with the Building Regulations.
  • The Client / Trade Contractors install the pool and Bluepools provides the pool equipment and a "Help Desk Service".
  • The Trade Contractors are paid stage payments after each stage of the work is complete.
  • Bluepools visits the completed works to check that everything has been installed properly and supervise the installation of the liner, the filling of the pool and the commissioning of the equipment.

This unique approach to pool design and installation provides all the benefits described on this web page. Most importantly it removes most of the risk involved in pool installation and absolutely guarantees that you will get real value for your investment that will enhance the attractiveness and hence saleability of your property.


Swimming Pool Design

III. Planning Consent

Unless your property is in a conservation area, planning consent will not be required because it will probably come under the Permitted Development Regulations. Under which the maximum eaves height of the pool hall is 2.5m with a maximum ridge height of 4m.

This might sound quite limiting but the height reference is from existing ground level and if the level is reduced a higher building can be provided.

This may require some consideration of the drainage around the pool hall but it may be neccessary where required roof tiling needs a steep sloping roof that will increase the ridge height.

An Outdoor Pool does not require Building Regulation approval whereas an Indoor Pool does. However, as the pool hall will not be lived in it is mainly the insulation that is important.

IV. How Does This Benefit You

  1. Background knowledge and experience is required when purchasing equipment - particularly for items like liners and to avoid any costly site delays becuase parts don't fit and have to be re-ordered.
  2. Bluepools provides impartial advice to the Client on the advantages and disadvantages of each product from the point of view of cost, efficiency and life expectancy.
  3. The Client will receive a copy of all equipment orders and details of manufacturer warranties. This provides a safeguard for the client to contact the manufacturer directly if Bluepools are not able to.
  4. Bluepools checks that everything has been installed properly and then supervises the installation of the liner, the filling of the pool and the commissioning of the equipment.
  5. There is a simple division of responsibility. The Client is responsible for all the building and installation work. Bluepools is responsible for the Specification and capacity of the Pool Equipment.

The Method described above will provide a reliable budget for the total cost of the pool installation before the Client is committed to the Project. It also eliminates the Risk involved in paying a Pool Installation Contractor up to 25% of the Total Pool Cost before they even start on site.

V. Bluepools Fees

Concept Design: £1,500 + VAT and is due before "Stage 1" commences.

Detailed design: A small perecentage of the total cost of the pool equipment + VAT. The Detailed Design Fee will depend on the design/structural complexity, the services provided during the Quotation Process and the Scope of Work.

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