Large Outdoor Pool Designs

See something you like? Get in touch and let us know which type of pool you are considering and we will provide more technical details.

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Type 1

Freeboard UK shotcrete pool with curved on plan walls, and tiled frieze

Outdoor freeboard shotcrete pool with curved plan walls and freize
Type 2

Freeboard plain vinyl liner pool with freize in woodland setting

Large outdoor freeboard pool with vinyl liner and freize
Type 3

Freeboard plain vinyl liner pool with freize. Close proximity to the house and barbecue area works really well

Freeboard vinyl liner pool withh deep end
Type 4

Freeboard liner pool with fountains and slide

Freeboard vinyl liner pool with fountains and slide
Type 5

Freeboard liner pool - for reasons unkown the water level is well below the skimmer weirs but I love the rustic limestone slab paving

Freeboard vinyl liner pool with limestone slab paving
Type 6

A massive sea water pool in Greece with a shallow paddling pool in the foreground

Large sea water pool with paddling pool
Type 7

The same pool view from the opposite corner - what a magnificent facility this is - we would love to design one for you!

Large outdoor sea water pool with paddling pool area
Type 8

Kidney shaped freeboard liner pool - I love the dark liner colour

Kidney shaped freeboard vinyl liner pool
Type 9

There is a lot of features in this pool - the hydrotherapy spa with the bowl shaped end is quite spectacular!

interesting outdoor pool and hydrotherapy pool with bowl shaped end
Type 10

This commercial pool at a hotel demonstrates a simple very attactive use of a beach side location

hotel pool with roman steps and sea view
Type 11

The dark coping stones provide a very attractive contrast with the surrouding light colour reconstituted limestone paving

Rectangle pool with contrast created by dark coping stones and limestone paving
Type 12

Another spectacular large commercial pool at a hotel in Italy

Large hotel pool
Type 13

A spectacular seaside Mediterannean pool with unusual curved steps

Beautiful outdoor rectangle pool with curved steps
Type 14

The first infinity edge pool on this page and what a fantastic view this provides!

Beautiful infinity edge pool with large shallow area and deck chairs in water
Type 15

An eye catching commercial pool with a marina in the background. The vertical trunks of the palm trees provide a terrific backdrop

Beautiful cross shaped hotel pool with bathing areas
Type 16

A large commercial pool with palm trees on an island

Large freeform pool with island in the middle
Type 17

The dark green pool liner creates a very dramatic effect with the lighting of the trees in the background

dramatic pool with dark green liner
Type 18

Another commercial pool with an island and palm trees and lodges overlooking it

Tropical hotel pool that has island in the middle
Type 19

Yet another commercial pool with several islands and palm trees

Tropical hotel pool with various palm trees on islands
Type 20

A long thin backyard pool making excellent use of a very narrow back yard

Narrow tropical pool with large steps
Type 21

A very large infinity pool with palm tress

Stunning infinity edge pool with surrounding palm trees
Type 22

This domestic pool is atractively integrated into a beautiful tropical garden

Narrow pool in tropical garden setting
Type 23

A simple kidney shaped pool in a spectacular position

Kidney shaped pool in beautiful garden setting with palm trees
Type 24

A nearly circular pool with a promontory and palm trees

Circular pool with promontory
Type 25

A breathtaking infinity edge pool

Beautiful curved infinity edge pool
Type 26

And yet another one that is even more eye-catching

Large infinity edge hotel pool
Type 27

A large hotel pool

Large hotel pool with promontory
Type 28

An unusual double kidney commercial pool

Large double kidney shaped hotel pool
Type 29

And last but not least a stunning infinity edge domestic pool!

Private infinity edge pool with surrounding palm trees