Large Indoor Pool Designs

See something you like? Get in touch and let us know which type of pool you are considering and we will provide more technical details.

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Type 1

The dark liner and white finishes provide an outstanding effect.

Type 1 Design

Type 2

Very few people are brave enough to install a freeform pool indoors but this one really works.

Type 2 Design

Type 3

A small indoor pool with an unusually large handrail for pool access and counter current swimming unit.

Type 3 Design

Type 4

The shape of the pool is reflected in the ceiling by LED lighting and the voids up to the rooflights.

Type 4 Design

Type 5

This pool has a flat ceiling with the pool shape reflected on it by LED lighting. The mosaic tiled coping and deck level drainage together with the curved sides result in a striking installation.

Type 5 Design

Type 6

This might look like a church and in fact that is what it is - the pool was built inside a church that had been sold off for development.

Type 6 Design

Type 7

This pool illustrates how a carefully designed lighting system and a dark pool liner can provide stunning effects.

Type 7 Design

Type 8

An unusual design with decking surround, rough cut stone walls and an infinity edge facing large sliding doors at the end of the pool.

Type 8 Design

Type 9

Aglulam trussed roof, horizontal timber strip panels and a very large glazed area make this pool very light and apparently spacious even though the pool hall is quite narrow.

Type 9 Design

Type 10

A commercial pool in a care home. Note the chairs and crane for lifting people ino the pool. Spectacular use of glulam frames and velux window lights in the roof.

Type 10 Design

Type 11

A narrow lap type pool in a narrow pool hall but with large glazed areas along one side wall.

Type 11 Design

Type 12

An unusual layout with a rectangular pool extended on one side to provide lap swimming facilities. The white painted timber frames and panelling provides an attractive finish.

Type 12 Design

Type 13

A very long indoor lap pool with a simple design augmented by the pot plants.

Type 13 Design

Type 14

A freeform pool inside a sliding enclosure that can be moved off the pool when the weather justifies letting the sun in!

Type 14 Design

Type 15

A simple rectangular pool with a fixed enclosure and a circular Roman End.

Type 15 Design

Type 16

Another enclosure type pool with a very heavy permanent timber structure.

Type 16 Design

Type 17

Yet another unusual enclosure incorporating brick clad piers with a heavy timber roof.

Type 17 Design

Type 18

This enclosure has the appearance of being a large conservatory with a pool inside - it dominates the single storey dwelling.

Type 18 Design

Type 19

The combination of natural light and the LED "stars" behind the blue glass is stunning.

Type 19 Design

Type 20

A swim school pool with handrails for teaching and safe access for physically impaired people. Natural lighting is provided by translucent cladding in the roof.

Type 20 Design

Type 21

A pool with a fixed enclosure type roof provides plenty of natural lighting that sets off the plant pots.

Type 21 Design

Type 22

The dark red hardwood timber decking and the matching roof trusses and doors are a bit overpowering.

Type 22 Design

Type 23

The deep narrow white painted timber beams are both unusual and attractive. A great way to combine pool and hydrotherapy spa in an attractive setting.

Type 23 Design

Type 24

A half indoor, half outdoor pool with steam room. The concrete staircase with glass balustrade is very striking.

Type 24 Design

Type 25

This pool design incorporates very clever use of the space to provide terrific visual impact at economic cost. We love the way the window shape follows the freeform pool.

Type 25 Design

Type 26

An economic compact design that would suit a small site. We would have painted the glulam frames in white to make it a lighter space.

Type 26 Design

Type 27

Another economic design that optimises the space available - like I35, this would have benefitted from white woodwork.

Type 27 Design

Type 28

A large indoor pool that is not dominated by the woodwork because the boarding between the frames has been painted white.

Type 28 Design

Type 29

We had to include this pool - a simply stunning example of a very upmarket installation that has simply been designed to impress anyone that sees it.

Type 29 Design

Type 30

Another no expense spared pool. The LED strip light on the ceiling reflects the kidney shaped pool and makes a massive impact.

Type 30 Design

Type 31

A simply sumptuous design and what about the chandelier!

Type 31 Design

Type 32

Another simply beautiful indoor space with the unusual perforated wall separating the shallow end from the deep end.

Type 32 Design

Type 33

The ultimate lap pool and spa with inspired lighting design.

Type 33 Design