Small Outdoor Pool Designs

Here we show You that Design Excellence can provide Striking Outdoor Garden Pools at very Economic Cost.

Pools built by Bluepools in France between 2002 and 2012:

Many of these pools are of low cost and they all demonstrate that Imaginative Design of a garden Pool and its immediate surroundings can provide stunning pools at very Modest Cost.


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11 x 6 m - Ref 01
Outdoor garden pool with Decking

A gunite concrete garden pool where decking has been used very cleverly - especially around the beach area.

One of the disadvantages of vinyl liner pools is they do not work with a beach because the vinyl liner needs at least 200mm of water over it to hold it in place.

I like the contrast achieved by the grass and hardwood decking and love the bamboo that has been planted on the right. This is not a cheap pool but it will provide a great facility in any large garden

11 x 6 m outdoor pool with decking
8 x 4 m - Ref 02
Outdoor fibreglass structure garden pool

What a difference this economic pool has made to a pretty small garden.

A tiled pool woul not have worked as well and the decking just enhances the overall attractiveness of the garden pool.

8 x 4 metre glass fibre pool with decking
13x6 m - Ref 03
Outdoor infinity edge garden pool

A Liner Armee pool (double thickness 0.75mm vinyl liner with a polyester strengthening membrane and site welded and known as Alkorplan in the UK)

This pool is a magnifcent example of an infinity edge pool - the pool plant is down the slope beyond the infinity edge.

13 x 6 m infinity edge pool in liner armee
11 x 5 m - Ref 04
Outdoor garden pool

I love the classic simplicity of this pool - note how the lack of a pool plant room enhances the attractiveness.

11 x 5 m rectangular garden pool
8 x 4 m - Ref 05
Outdoor fibreglass structure garden pool

Built to a custom design by the landscape architect and includes a part in and part out of the ground design.

Demonstrates just how good a fibreglass pool can look.

8 x 4 m fibreglass pool without deck
7 x 5 m - Ref 06
A 0.75 mm vinyl liner garden pool 1.4m deep timber structure pool

A pool that takes maximum advantage of the sloping site to provide a breathtaking bespoke design garden pool.

7 x 5 m above ground kit pool
8 x 2.5 m - Ref 07
Outdoor fibreglass structure garden pool

Another clever custom design pool that takes maximum advantage from a very narrow site

8 x 2.5 m thin long rectangular pool
8 x 4 m - Ref 08
Outdoor garden pool

Another custom concrete structure pool with vinyl liner.

The deck is striking especially the combination of reconstituted stone copings and softwood decking.

8 x 4 concrete wall pool with decking
13 x 5 m - Ref 09
Outdoor garden pool

A gunite or shotcretegarden pool with some stunning finishes.

13 x 5 concrete pool in landscaped garden

4 x 3 m - Ref 10
Outdoor garden pool

An octagonal pine structure of simplicity that really works - but I do not like the over the wall filtration units.

4 x 3 m octagonal above ground timber kit pool
17 x 4 m - Ref 11
Outdoor garden pool

A masonry pool lined with fibreglass - quite unsual these days - but a very economic way to provide a large lap pool.

The lack of paving means that grass will get into the pool - perhaps in-floor pool cleaning might be a sensible option in a situation like this.

17 x 4 m masonry pool lined with fibreglass
6 x 6 m - Ref 12
Outdoor garden pool

Another vinyl linergarden pool in colour sable (sand)

6 x 6 m square pool inear large French house
11 x 5m - Ref 13
Outdoor garden pool

A vinyl liner pool in sable (sand) colour and a concrete structure.

11 x 5 metre garden vinyl liner concrete pool
10 x 5 m - Ref 14
Outdoorgarden pool

Another vinyl liner garden pool in colour sky blue in reinforced concrete construction.

10 x 5 metre liner armee pool with concrete walls
18 x 5 m - Ref 15
Outdoor garden Pool

A reinforced concretegarden pool with silico - marble finish

18 x 5 metre reinforced concrete pool with silico-marble finish
12 x 6.5 m - Ref 16
Outdoor garden Pool

Outdoor in-situ fibreglass structuregarden pool with Provence Blue vinyl liner

12 x 6.5 m oblique shape fibreglass pool
12 x 6 m - Ref 17
Outdoor garden pool

Reinforced concrete tiled garden pool - these are fast going out of fashion in France - but this one does look good - despite the high cost!

12 x 6 m reinforced concrete tiled swimming pool
10 x 5 m - Ref 18
Outdoor garden pool

A reinforced concrete pool with a 0.75 mm pale blue vinyl liner.

The classic layout is very attractive.

10 x 5 metre reinforced concrete shotcrete pool with vinyl liner
9.5 x 4 m - Ref 19
Outdoor fibreglass structure garden pool

A very unusual custom designed pool that demonstrates that fibreglass can look very good.

9.5 x 4 metre fibreglass pool in landscaped garden
11 x 3.5 m - Ref 20
Outdoor garden pool

A reinforced concrete pool with a 0.75 mm clear blue vinyl liner.

11 x 3.5 m outdoor garden concrete pool with vinyl liner
11 x 5 m - Ref 21
Outdoor garden pool

Another vinyl liner garden pool in colour clear blue with reinforced concrete construction

11 x 5 m in concrete with liner armee
9 x 4 m - Ref 22
Outdoor fibreglass garden pool

Another stunning custom design - on a pool site to die for!!

9 x 4 m garden fibreglass pool
7 x 4 m - Ref 23
Outdoor garden pool

The very first polystyrene block pool on this page - and fitted with a sable (sand ) coloured vinyl liner

7 x 4 metre polystyrene block pool with polyblok walls
11 x 5 m - Ref 24
Outdoor garden pool

A shotcrete concrete pool with a plaster finish - a very luxurious pool - it is strange how the French love to build hideous pool plant rooms alongside gorgeous looking pools.

But I love the beach - these are easy to do with shotcrete

In this instance I would have done everything but design a building like that!

11 x 5 m reinforced concrete wall pool with a rendered finish
9 x 5 m - Ref 25
Outdoor garden pool

Shows how good a cream liner looks at night - modern pool lights can be magnificent.

Have a look at the lights Bluepools can provide, please click here

9 x 5 garden pool with lights