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Public Swimming Pool surveys and renovation.

What is a public swimming pool?

Public swimming pools are defined as those that have groups of people using the water that are not from one family group.

Small private pools that are used by family groups do not need to have such a high level of filtration because they pass minor infections around as part of the normal living together process.

On the other hand any pool that is shared by groups of people that do not live together needs much higher standards of hygene to reduce the likelihood of infection and illness.

Typical Brief for the preliminary inspection of an existing public pool installation

Bluepools will provide a draft brief for an initial inspection for approval by the Client after a discussion or exchange of Emails about the problem.

The Brief could typically include :-

Risk Analysis

Many Clients commission us to inspect their public pool because they perceive that there is some risk that the pool will have a deleterious effect on the building fabric and other building tennants - especially where the pool is located in a large mixed use building for instance:-

In these circumstances we can carry out the inspection, identify the major risks and provide a risk analysis based on the likelihood of the risk events occuring in 1 year, 5 year or 10 years.

Clients oftem find this very useful in their decision making process because it enables them to quantify the risk in terms of loss rental revenue if premises ahve to be shut down whilst emergency repairs take place.


Energy Saving surveys

We can also carry out a survey into the energy use of a swimming pool complex.

Most pool site managers are aware of how large a proportion of their monthly budget is spent on gas and power bills.

However many are not aware that it can sometimes be appropriate to spend quite substantial capital sums that will reduce humidity levels and at the same time improve the air quality within the pool hall and save money at the same time.

This will require sight of pool complexes energy bills over the past few years that will be used to develop a spreadsheet that will include various capital cost options to improve air quality and reduce energy use and provide Net Present Value forecasts to identify which option - if any - is the best to adopt.


If you would like a Proposal

If you would like a proposal for a survey of your public pool please call, Email or Text

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