Deck Level or Freeboard

What is the Difference?

Freeboard Pools

Traditional pools were all freeboard type pools. This is when the pool water level is kept about 150mm below the coping stones around the pool perimeter. Water is taken off the surface of the pool by "skimmers" that are normally white, between 300mm and 500mm wide and about 150mm deep. Within the skimmer, there is a floating weir over which the water tips and in theory this cleans the surface of the pool water where most of the pathogens are.

Deck Level Pools

In a deck level pool, the water flows over the coping stones and then across a grill or slot in the paving which allows the water to drop into a gutter below the grill. As such, if there are 10 people in the pool they will displace about 750 litres of water that needs to be stored somewhere. It is for this reason that every deck level pool has a balance tank.

The water is collected from the gutter by a gravity drain and taken to the balance tank. It is pumped from there, through the filter and disinfection systems and returned to the pool by the water inlets.

The extra equipment normally increases the cost of the pool by about £10,000 and can be more than this depending on the type of grill that is used to cover the gutters.

The Advantages of a Deck Level Pool: