Combined Spa & Outdoor Pool Design

Look at the pool installations featured below to see how stunning design effects can be created at very little extra cost.

In theory, it might seem that a spa and pool could be combined directly with the same water level rather than have the spa overflowing into the pool as illustrated in all the examples below. You are about to find out why this isn't the case...

Technical Issues underlying combined Spa and Swimming Pool Installation:

Combining a spa and pool with the same water level does not work simply because if the spa is to be comfortable, the water needs to be maintained at 30-32°C and the water in the pool probably 10°C less.

The spa water also needs to be filtered more frequently because of the higher water temperature and increased pollution load on the spa water when several people are using it.

All of this means that there must be seperate heating and filtration systems for the pool and the spa.

However, the spa can overflow into the pool - as an attactive waterfall if required. The pool then also gets the benefit of the heating from the higher temperature spa water.

Get Your Pool and Spa installed at the same time to reduce disruption and overall cost.

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Type 01

Classic Greek square geomtrical style - note the submerged floating pool cover beneath the timber at the far end.

geometric shaped spa and pool
Type 02

A stunning pool spa installation on a very striking site. Note the use of the natural rock in the spa for seating - not sure how comfortable this will be!

spa infinty thumb
Type 03

We love the way the round spa has been placed on the peninsula of the kidney pool. Note the use of the same copings has neatly linked the pool and spa designs together.

spa kidney thumb
Type 04

Another very attractive combined pool spa installation. We like the table in the pool - suitable for adult drinks and kids games and the use of crazy paving for the copings of both pool and spa.

spa pool kids
Type 05

This is a very unusual half round pool with a combined spa - has the normal problem with curved pools in that a cover is not easy to install.

spa pool palm thumb
Type 06


That is all that you can say about a spectacular rectangular pool with a combined spa. The designer has done a superb job in the exploitation of a fantastic pool site.

spa pool rectangular
Type 07

A simple rectangular pool again with a submerged floating cover - but the waterfall from the spa is magnificent and shows how a simple design feature can turn a mundane pool into something very special.

spa pool waterfall thumb
Type 08

An awe inspiring kidney shaped pool again. We like the use of the red clay tile sin the coping of the spa and the contract with the reconstituted limestone paving of the pool surround.

spa pool claytiles
Type 09

We had to show you this because its a good illustration of how not to do it!

A beautiful pool has been ruined by the addition of an acrylic spa in a deck that does not blend with the pool at all

spa pool acrylic