School Pool Renovation

Rejuvenate School Pools at minimum cost

Bluepools will provide the services of Will Witt to every school that needs his unique professional advice during the difficult times caused by the Covid Pandemic.

He is a highly experienced chartered professional engineer that has specialised in the Design, Installation and Renovation of hundreds of different pool projects over the last 20 years. He has been a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers for 50 years and was also a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

He built over 100 pools in France as a swimming pool installation contractor and so also has an unrivalled amount of practical experience in both swimming pool installations and the management of construction projects.

Pool Inspections and Reports

Bluepools provides the Services of Will Witt to carry out inspections and provide reports on any indoor or outdoor pool that needs to be upgraded in order to comply with current Health and Safety standards.

Please click here to see a sample report.

Local Builders can Undertake the Installation

Bluepools provides the Design and the Specialist Pool Equipment and supervises the Renovation Work that can be carried out by a Local Builder. This approach has the following benefits: