Automatic Pool Covers

An Essential Piece of Pool Equipment

Automatic Floating Covers will maximise the benefits that your pool provides whilst minimising the running costs and the risk of drowing (by children, pets, stray animals and careless people).

Available for domestic indoor and outdoor pools, they can be mounted on an above ground axle at one end of the pool or on a submerged axle that lies in a protected box below the water surface.

submerged automatic floating pool cover

The Benefits

The benefits that these covers provide include:

  1. Highest degree of safety possible because the actual pool surface is covered.
  2. Conservation of water & energy by reducing evaporation to virtually zero when in place. Thus, substantially reducing the water supply & heating costs.
  3. Maintenance of a constant water temperature over night & during cold periods making the pool ready for use 24/7.
  4. Pool remains cleaner & healthier, saving a substantial period of time and effort in maintenance.
  5. In an outdoor pool in the winter the insulation provided by the cover stop the pool water from rising above the critical algae blooming temperature (12-15�C) avoiding algae blooms in warm winter periods when the pool is not in use.

The Bluepools Covers

The covers that we supply and install are manufactured by Aquadeck.

There are various mounting options available which allow covers to be submerged or above ground. We undertake the detailed design and supply all the many different components that the various options require.


The submerged models cannot be seen but they also reduce the length of the usable pool by about 1 metre.

aquadeck submerged automatic floating pool cover

retracted submerged automatic floating pool cover

Above Ground

The above ground models are not attractive in appearance and are visually intrusive but they cost about half that of a submerged model.

aquadeck above ground mounted floating pool cover

above ground vinyl liner