Pool Lights

I. The Design

For a water feature to really shine, especially at night, proper lighting is critical.

If you have gone to the trouble and expense of lovely fire and water features you must be able to show them off in the evening - like this:

pool with fire and water features lit by LED lights

Incandescent lighting used underwater or to illuminate a stream of water, costs about £400 per light.

LED lighting costs more but has a much longer life.

Waterfalls are often lit by using feature spotlights from above, and should be installed by a lighting specialist.

II. What you need to know about LED lights

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

These are solid-state lighting that use chips from semiconductors instead of a filament, gas or vapor to produce illumination and do not have light bulbs. They last much longer and use far less energy than any light bulb. 

Color-changing pool/spa lights featuring LED technology

This is definitely the future of pool lighting simply because of energy efficiency, lifetime value, quality of light, and controllability.

Combinations of individual colored LEDs can be mixed and matched by careful design to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colors. These are combined in different sequences to cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color.

With custom reflectors and various lens types, LEDs offer super efficiency at the same time as being the brightest underwater LED light available.

LEDs can last 100,000 hours or more, minimizing replacement cost and disposal.

LED technology: brightest & most responsive lighting system

LED technology is the best that has ever been provided for pool lighting in order to make your pool really comes alive. The reasons for which are as follows:

LEDs have longest lifespan of any light available

The life of a single LED light can last up to 100,000 hours - up to 70 x - yes 70 times the maximum life of a standard light bulb. This reduces consumer inconvenience and maintenance costs because it rarely needs replacing.

The results of which can produce something like this:

Outdoor Pool with LED lights at night