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Bluepools provides a unique approach to pool design and construction that will provide a vastly superior product.

I. Why Pool Design is so Important

Design provides Better Outdoor Pools at no extra cost

Most swimming pool companies, apart from the large, expensive London based firms, do not have in-house swimming pool designers. They often design and build pools without giving any real thought into the levels and layout. This often leads to a situation where Clients get a pool that works pretty well but could have been so much better at the same cost.

Apparently Simple Projects can still be Problematic

The design of an outdoor pool which is distant from the house and on a flat site is normally straightforward. It will involve decisions on pool size, shape and depth, means of access and type of paving and its extent. But even in these circumstances the presence, for instance, of an unexpectedly high ground water table can result in major construction problems and a massive increase in cost.

“Suck it and See How it Turns Out”

When outdoor pools are built near existing buildings, or the plant room is located in an existing building or particularly where the site slopes and there are major level changes it is impossible to arrive at the best layout without undertaking a Design Study using 3D software. Even if the site manager is a very experienced pool builder they will undertake the installation on a “Suck it and See” basis and the end result can be something that the Client may or may not like! So every single outdoor pool with any complexity needs the services of a Professional Swimming Pool Designer for a pool project to be succcessful and meet the objectives of the Client.

Why every Indoor Pool needs a Professional Pool Designer

Every Indoor Pool is a complex project. With small indoor pools, space is always limited, and it is always a challenge to pack all the equipment required into limited space and at the same time provide safe access for pool operation and maintenance. Hands on experience is vital for the project to be completely safe and economic to build and operate. Large indoor pools can be very costly to build unless the construction method is organised and planned in a way that reduces the construction schedule time to a minimum. This knowledge can only be found through direct experience in many pool projects.

II. How Indoor Pools used to be designed

Unfortunately many swimming pool projects are still carried out like this!

  1. The Architect designs the pool hall and sometimes provides a plant room - often in the wrong place and always too small!!
  2. The Pool Hall building is provided with foundations that do not take account that a pool has to be built actually inside them.
  3. The proposal is submitted for Planning and Building Regulation approval with all the mistakes anchored in place.
  4. Pool Installation Contractors are then asked to provide Designs for the pool tank and all the ancilliary equipment items - often an impossible task because the building design has not taken account of these requirements
  5. The pool and building foundations are not integrated into one design and so the cabling, pipework and ductwork needs to be buried in the soil surrounding the pool tank so that it is completely inaccessible - forever !! - unless the pool hall floor is dug up!

Very few Architects have direct experience of Indoor Pool Design & Construction and Pool Contractors just do not have the professional skills required to ensure that the hydraulics, water disinfection, safety covers, air handling systems, automated control systems, submerged pool lighting and specialised features such as counter current units are properly designed and fit for purpose.

The Bluepools Design Team is led by Will Witt. He is a professional chartered civil and structural engineer with 40+ years experience including 12 years building pools in France as a Pool Installation Contractor and the last 8 years in the UK as a professional Pool Designer. He designs every complex project using 3D software to produce economic solutions, expertly tailored to meet every Clients requirements.

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III. Our Design & Installation Process

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The Bluepools process is as follows:

  1. After a lengthy discussion with the the Client and a site survey, Bluepools produces a 3D model of the pool and pool hall based on all the experience and knowledge that Bluepools has amassed over twenty years in the design and construction of swimming pools.
  2. The 3D model is illustrated by a Folio of Drawings that includes Isometric views, plans and cross sections. This "Concept Design" is then developed into its final form on an interactive basis whereby Bluepools makes changes to suit the Client's precise requirements all the while making sure that the end product will be 100% "Fit for Purpose".
  3. Sometimes the Client will use the Folio (see example) to apply for planning consent themselves or the Client can appoint an Architect to undertake the planning application. Alternatively if the pool is part of a larger project such as a new build house, Bluepools can develop the Concept Pool Design based on the Architect's drawings and the architect subsequently incorporates the Bluepools proposals into their own designs.
  4. After the Client has approved the Concept Design, Bluepools will provide a detailed Cost Estimate of the pool installation so that the Client can make a final decision on whether to proceed with the project.
  5. If the Client says "Yes" Bluepools provides the Detailed Design for Construction including all the structural, electrical, piping, ducting and equipment specification details.
  6. The Client can then use their own Builder to undertake the Contruction, and Bluepools will provide all the Pool Equipment at the prices quoted in the Estimate as well as a very responsive help desk service to fully support the Builder on site.

IV. The Benefits of the Bluepools Method

1: A saving of 30 - 40 %

Bluepools charges nominal fees for the Design and provides all the required expertise so that Clients can use their own builder at local pay rates. We supply all the pool equipment at list price and so make a margin on the pool equipment but this is dwarfed by the savings that will accrue by avoiding the payment for the overheads and profit.

Pool Installation Contractors add up the total cost of supplying the pool equipment, the building materials and the labour to provide the base cost of the pool installation. The labour force often have to travel substantial distances and travel and accommodation costs will also be included in their base cost. Then they add 50 - 60% to cover the cost of overheads and profit and quote on that basis. As a result the amount they will charge will be 30 - 40 % higher than the Bluepools method.

Furthermore, most of them exclude the excavation from their quote and this can add tens of thousands of pounds and be very difficult to organise.

2: An absolute guarantee that the pool will be fit for purpose

Bluepools will provide all the drawings and details required in a constantly updated Folios, thus ensuring that the pool is built 100% in accordance with modern standards and the Building Regulations. Furthermore the Client will have a record of exactly what was built that can be used in the future if the pool needs maintenance work.

Most pool builders just build the pool in they way they always have and you will end up with:

If the pool is built in accordance with the Bluepools drawings and the pool equipment is supplied by Bluepools, then any aspect of the pool performance that is unsatisfactory will be put right by Bluepools.

3: Retention of Control over the Project progress

Pool Contractors all operate with a limited number of installation teams and as they all prudently maintain a backlog of projects any Client has to wait their turn. Of course this often results in a situation where "Those who shout loudest get their pool built" - this always leads to disputes.

4: Avoidance of large upfront payments

Any quote from a Pool Contractor will include eye watering up front payment requirements. This will result in tremendous stress on the Client when combined with the difficulty of actually getting the Pool Contractor's team on site.

5: The Bluepools water quality guarantee

The Bluepools approach to every pool is to make the water completely safe with the minimum use of chemicals. Our philosphy is to provide pool water that is equivalent to the water that comes out of your tap in the kitchen.

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6: Operating Manual

Bluepools provides a comprehesive operating manual that explains how to operate the pool in great detail and includes schedules of all the equipment so that spares can easily be obtained in the future.

7: Remote Controls

Bluepools designs and supplies pool and spa control panels that can incorporate the following:

  1. Touch Screen control by Menu
  2. Touch screen control remote from the plant room i.e. in the pool hall
  3. Remote control by mobile phone or computer

8: Running Costs

Your pool will only cost about £30 / week to run.

V. Types of Project

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