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Does it matter?
No - if the pool is designed to minimise the work involved.

Principle 5 of the Clear Clean Water Policy reduces the skill and time required to maintain a pool to the absolute minimum.

Every single Bluepools project is designed to reduce the necessity to employ a pool maintenance contractor. In our experience they will cost at least £100 per month and £200 if they have to travel far. They are also difficult to find, are very unreliable and often damage pool equipment because they have not has adequate training.

Since 2013 every project that we have carried out is maintained by our Clients or people that work for them and this is the best solution by far. Every person that swims in a pool is at risk if the pool water is not clean and healthy - why take this risk when it is unneccesary.

In the past it was necessary to constantly test the pool water for the chlorine content and pH levels and then to introduce acid and sodium hypochlorite by placing carefully measured and mixed amounts of liquid into the skimmers. Backwashing also often involved connecting the filter to the disposal point with a hose. But even after this was carried out it was still necessary for leaves and other debris to be cleaned out of the pool whenever a windy day ocurred.

Every Bluepools installation incorporates the following that all reduce the pool maintenance work load to the absolute minimum

  1. UV cell disinfection that allows a chlorine content the same as your tap water and will require tube replacement (when the obvious blue light goes out) every 2/3 years
  2. Fully automatic pH and chlorine measurement and dosing system that minimises the work load to the simple replacement of 25 litre drums of liquid every 6 to 8 weeks.The probes may require to be replaced every 2/3 years but this also a simple process
  3. The provision of a soakaway that is permanently connected to the filter via the multiport valve so that backwashing is a 10 minute job every 6/8 weeks
  4. A very reliable Air Source Heat Pump that will incorporates a lifetime quick response repair service in the event of a malfunction
  5. The provision of an automatic robot that cleans the pool floor and walls of all the debris. This is battery powered and lives on a charging platform in the plantroom and needs to be put in the water after a windy day or once a week.
  6. The provision of a comprehensive operating manual that provides detailed instructions on how to operate the pool and deal with problems
  7. On site Training of the Client by an Instructor that is qualified by the P.A.L.M. Academy
  8. The one year guarantee that every piece of equipment suipplied by Bluepools will be replaced free of charge if any Manufacturing defect occurs with one year of the pool being put into operation. NOTE that this is not from the date of invoice as is normally provided.
  9. A Fit for Purpose guarantee on every item of equipment that it provides - if it does meet the requirements of the Specification it will be replaced Free of Charge
  10. Immediate response from the Bluepools office if you ever need advice

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