Commercial Swimming Pool Design Consultant

We help Architects and Site Managers of Public, School, Hotel, Health Club and Local Council Pools to Design New Pools and Upgrade their Existing Pools

If the Client has a commercial or residential swimming pool that needs attention, renovation or has very high operating costs Bluepools can carry out a Survey and provide a Bespoke Report that directly adresses the concerns of the Client.

"We asked Will Witt to inspect our swimming pool complex of indoor and outdoor pools - he provided a detailed report that not only covered all our concerns but also explained how the technical issues impacted on our Health and Safety responsibilities as well as how we could really reduce the running costs"


The complexity of the problem

The pressure is on to maximise revenue generation and reduce the running costs of every public swimming pool in the UK.

It is a known that:-

So it is vitally important to get the pool size right.

The provision of separate water areas for different activities is very unlikely nowadays to be justifiable on a cost basis and so competitive activities like diving and synchronised swimming may only be provided on a cost effective basis by including movable floors and bulkheads or booms.


Pool Designers are needed to get the Concept Design of a pool right!

The world-wide building industry is dominated by International Architects - many of them are British or American - and the world-wide civil engineering industry is dominated by British and American consultants

So it is very stange that the world-wide pool industry is dominated by Pool Installation contractors who provide "Design and Build" Services.

You will see from this website that I do not believe that they know how to get the Concept Design right! - they are good at the detailed engineering - and that is what they should concentrate on.

But if the basic concept is wrong the project will never be really successful - not matter how good the detailed engineering is!

Bluepools believes that if a Pool Contractor is responsible for the Concept Design of any part of a pool project it will have real flaws that will cause real problems throughout its useful life.....

.... and more importantly its useful life can easily be as much as half of what it would have been if the engineering has been done properly in the first place.

So Bluepools works closely with the Client or his Architect to develope a Concept Design that:-

  1. Optimises the layout of the pool, deck areas and changing room facilities to facilitate control of and the flow of customers through the facility
  2. Optimises the use of the volume of the building that is assigned to swimming activities by getting the right balance between air space over the pool, deck areas and undercroft areas.
  3. Optimises the location of the balance tanks, filters, pumps and control panels to minimise piping run lengths and pumping costs
  4. Optimises the layout of the undercroft areas to minimise floor level trip hazards, access to the back of the pool walls and access to the underside of the overflow gutters
  5. Makes sure that there are no areas where high humidity can persist or cold bridges that instigate condensation and ugly staining of the building fabric
  6. Makes sure that the water supply to the pool from the main in the street is adequate as well as the drains required for emptying the pool quickly in the event of an emergency

Typical Commercial swimming pool design faults

The detailed engineering is normally fine both in public, health club and council owned swimming pools but..........

To see a typical report prepared by Bluepools see Sample Report


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