Water Filtration Periods

Periods Required

The Effect of the Ambient Temperature:

The safe periods of time that a filtration system should be run for is dependent on the water temperature, as shown in the following table.

Water Temperature
Daily hours that pump should be run
0 - 10°C None
10 - 15°C 2 hours when the pool can be polluted (no cover) and 1 hour otherwise
15 - 20°C Whole pool volume / flow rate
> 20°C Whole pool volume / flow rate x 1.5 + 1 hour for every extra °C
> 25°C Whole pool volume / flow rate x 2 with a minimum of 12 hours

Influence of Bathers

To calculate the influence of bathers using the pool on the required filtration periods just multiply the number of bathers x 2 and divide by the flow rate.

For example, 6 bathers in a pool with a flow rate of 12 m3/h will require an extra 2 x 6 / 12 = 1 hour of filtration.

Number of Bathers allowed:

The above rule allows the number of bathers that can use a swimming pool to be calculated:

Number of allowable bathers = Design Flow Rate / 2