Pool Running Costs are now a lot lower and affordable

Outdoor Pools

Within the last 20 years the cost of running an outdoor swimming pool has plummeted to almost negligible levels.

There are two basic reasons for this. The first is that if a pool is covered with a floating insulated cover, when not in use, an air source heat pumps will reduce the cost of heating a pool to a few hundred pounds a year. Covers are now regarded as essential for safety purposes and so they effectively kill two birds with one stone!

The second reason is one that very few people are aware of. If the pool water is circulated 24/7 by a carefully sized pool pump the pool water can be disinfected using an ultra violet light cell. This allows the pool water chlorine levels to be reduced down to the same approximate level as the water that comes out of your kitchen tap. This does rely on a modern accurate pH and chlorine measurement and dosing system but there are two benefits - the chlorine water levels are minimised to tap water level and the amount of chemicals required is substantially reduced.

On this basis the cost of running an outdoor 10 x 5 metre pool could be as low as £400 depending on the length of the swimming season and the pool water temperature settings.

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are always going to cost more to run than an outdoor pool - mainly because they are used all year round.

But the the same factors as for Outdoor pools reduce the running costs of Indoor pools.

Furthermore modern air handling units that are now required by the Building Regulations provide the means to absolutely minimise the heat requirements of an indoor swimming pool.

These units include:-

• A dehumidification heat pump

• Compliance with UK Building Regulations

• An ultra efficient digital inverter fan

• Inteligent air recirculation fan management

• Active heat re-cycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier

• Fresh air dilution

• Room air and pool water heating

• Ventilation and pool hall air recirculation

They provide an excellent pool hall environment and will only cost about £2000 per year to operate in a pool hall containg a 10 x 5 m swimming pool