Vinyl Liners

Vinyl pool lining technology has transformed the modern swimming pool industry because the pool tank structure itself is only required to stop the surrounding soil from collapsing into the pool. The liner acts as the water container - just like a plastic bag does when filled with water.

Vinyl Liners are avaible in a very wide variety of colour, pattern and texture now available to suit every type of pool including those with the highest bather loading and severe environmental conditions.

There are 2 types of vinyl liners: Bag Liners & On-Site Liners.

I. Bag Liners

Bag liners are made in a factory from a single layer of 0.75mm thick vinyl and transported to site in a cardboard box that can be carried by two people. The maximum size is normally 12m x 6m with walls up to 1.5m high and they are normally provided with a 10 year pro rata guarantee on the seams and joints (The replacement value is 100% in year one reducing to 90% in year 10).


A liner lock is provided in 2 m lengths and is fixed down with mastic adhesive onto the top of the inside edge of the top of the pool wall. The liner is manufactured with a wedge shaped edge that is held in the liner lock by the weight of the water on the liner. The wedge shaped edge is inserted into the liner lock before the pool is filled with water. After the pool has been filled the liner lock is wedged in with beading as shown in the following images.

liner lock bead liner

The pool floor and walls need to be cleaned of all debris as any lumps will show through the liner. The underlay is then glued onto the pool walls and laid on the floor in strips that are taped together.

vinyl liner underlay

The liner is taken out of the box and is turned round so that the orientation is correct in an asymmmetric pool. The 4 corners are located accurately using the markings on the liner edges made by the manufacturer. The liner is then inserted in the liner lock around the pool perimeter.

vinyl bag liner installation with underlay visible

The hose of an industrial vaccum cleaner is inserted, halfway along one long side of the pool, down to the pool floor. It is sealed in at the top with tape and is started. This will immediately suck the liner back onto the pool walls so that filling can commence.

bag liner installation with vaccum

As the pool fills the creases on the floor can be pushed into the sides releasing the air trapped beneath.

When the floor outlets have about 200 mm of water over them they can be fitted with the clamp plates and the liner cut out. The same process is followed for the skimmers, lights and water inlets as the water depth increases.

vinyl liner - bag liner installation of through the wall equipment

This might seem very complicated but it can easily be carried out by any competent handyman. It can be difficult to find the first screwhole in the back plate under the liner but this just takes a little time and patience!

Colour Options:

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The bag type liners are provided with a 5 year guarantee on the material and a 10 year guarantee on the joints.

II. On Site Lining

On site lining incorporates a 1.5mm thick (double layer of 0.75mm vinyl membrane reinforced with a core of polyester mesh) Alkorplan in-situ liners. It is installed on site by a professional team in about a week.

alkorplan in situ liner installation

This liner system will virtually ast forever in an indoor pool and is now available in a very large variety of finishes and textures. Furthermore it is suitable for premium quality domestic pools as well as commercial installations.

It provides:

dark alkorplan vinyl liner close view


Various pattern options are available and include many different mosaic colours/patterns as well as marble.


The 2.0mm thick Ceramics range provides indented relief along the grout lines that mimics real tiles.

Island Dreams

The Island Dreams range is 2.0mm thick and is inspired by the sand from beautiful beaches.


The Touch range is 2.0mm thick and has been designed to simulate a variety of natural stone effects in texture and appearance.


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