Solar Pool Water Heating

This is a very short section because Bluepools is of the opinion that the solar heating of pool water just does not work.

This is because when additional heating is required in April, May and September, October the sun is much lower in the sky, the day is shorter and the number of overcast days is higher than in the summer months.

However Air Source Heat Pumps are reliable because the ambient air temperatures in these months are very constant and so a heat pump is totally reliable as a way of getting pool water up to the required temperature.

Heat pumps also have two very simple large bore plumbing connections that are very reliable and the heat pump itself can be easily drained down for the winter.

It is very difficult to drain a solar heating system down and there are a large number of small bore pipe connections that can all fail due to ice build up in the pipework.

Swimming pool water solar heating systems cost the same to install and run as a heat pump.

Reasonable quality solar systems cost about the same as a heat pump of similar heating capacity.

Most solar systems also require a pump to circulate the water through the system and so they actually cost about the same amount to run as a heat pump but are less effective and reliable.