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Discover Dozens of Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Pool Design Ideas

There are two ways to get pools like these built:-

You can get quotes from pool installation contractors that will be eye-wateringly expensive and impossible to compare because their proposals will be confusingly different


You can get a free proposal from Bluepools that will provide you with total control of your pool installation project and guarantee the highest quality pool at the lowest possible cost without the risk of large up-front payments that all pool contractors require.

Bluepools is a completely independent Swimming Pool Designer and Project Manager and is the only UK pool company that is run by a Fully Qualified Chartered Civil Engineer

Bluepools provides:

1) Bespoke Designs and accurate Cost Estimates for new Indoor and Outdoor Garden Pools and Basement Pools for Property Owners using 3D software that provides an exact simulation of how the pool will fit into your property.

2) Concept Design drawings for Planning Applications

3) Construction Drawings for Building Regulation approval and the procurment of quotes by builders for the Work

4) The Supply of all the Special Pool Equipment that absolutely guarantees that it will "Do what it says on the tin" at the most economic Cost

5) Project Management of the whole installation process from "CONCEPT TO COMPLETION"

And Join the dozens of other Clients that are currently getting the benefit of the Bluepools Service

Bluepools is managed by Will Witt a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer who has been working in the Swimming Pool Industry for the last 15 years. He has over 40 years experience in the Design and Construction of major projects.

His unrivalled experience and wide knowledge of every technical aspect of Swimming Pool Design and Installation is used to ensure that every Bluepools project is a success.

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Bluepools reduces risk and delivers successful projects by providing integrated design solutions, the selection of contractors, site quality control by visits and the Supply and Commissioning of the Specialist Pool Equipment

Bluepools adds value to projects by accurate identification of the Client and the project requirements and the delivery of a Finished Project that meets the requirements.

Bluepools concentrates on providing sustainable solutions that can be up to 50% more efficient by early focus on and the careful design to minimise:

Bluepools provides specialiist knowledge in the Design and Installation of Efficient Renewable Energy Systems that minimise the lifetime running costs of all swimming pool installations.

Efficient Renewable "GREEN" Energy Systems

Bluepools provides the detailed design of the pool water treatment system to minimise the energy and operational costs including:

When Should Bluepools be brought into the Project Team?

All swimming & spa pools require specialist engineering design and it is essential that Bluepools is involved at an early stage in the design process.

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Or Call or Text to 07557 966459

And If you want to know more about how the whole Bluepools process works


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Find out why pools built in Polybloks are the best thing since Sliced Bread!

And we can provide Finance for your pool project


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