Swimming Pool Design and Installation

Pool Engineering

Bluepools provides custom engineered designs to meet the precise requirements of every Client.

Bluepools provides technical expertise in every aspect of swimming pool design and the practical experience gained from the design and installation of a large portfolio of swimming pools and spa projects since 2002.

Structural Design using ICF


Inclusive structural design of the Pool & Pool Hall including extensions, detached and basement layouts.

  • Seamless integration of Layout and Structural Design
  • Optimal Solutions when space is limited
  • Real oppportunities for client choice of best option
  • Large ICF Forms reduce Site Costs
  • ICF Provides air-tight pool halls without thermal bridges

Wide Choice of Vinyl Liners


Vinyl liners are econmic, reliable and risk-free compared to tiling which is costly and risky to install.

Automatic Floating Covers


Floating covers minimise risks to children and reduce running costs by elimination of evaporation.

  • Reduce risk of accidents
  • Minimise heat loss
  • Suitable for the disabled
  • Easy, very quick installation

Pool Hall Environmental Control


Select the required Air & Water Temperatures and Humidity Levels and the very reliable, automatic Air Handling Units built in the UK will provide them.

  • Gas boiler provides lowest Capex Option
  • Air Source Heat Pump provides lower Opex Option
  • ASHP with roof PV & buffer tank provides least Opex
  • Summer Cooling due to Solar Gain is available

Clear Clean Water


UV cells give tap water chlorine levels. Automatic dosing reduces labour and running costs.

  • Water Filtered 4 x per day
  • Optimised filter size
  • Ultra Violet Cell installation
  • Automated chemical dosing

Pool Hall Sustainability


Optimisation of sustainability using Government approved SAP software to appraise the alternative insulation systems for the Pool Hall roof, walls and substructure to ensure Building Regulation compliance.

  • Minimises Pool Opex
  • High performance windows
  • Passivhaus standard can be provided

The Pool Engineer Services

Do not waste money and time by appointing Architects and Structural Engineers that do not have any experience in the design and construction of swimming pools. And do not appoint a Pool Installation Contractor unless the Contract is based on a Detailed Design.

Bluepools ensures that every element of a pool project meets the Clients requirements and the highest standard of technical excellence to guarantee the value of their large investment.

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OPTION 1 - Project Leader

Bluepools is appointed to lead the Client's pool project and provides detailed designs and project services that cover every aspect of the pool construction, including:

  • Equipment type & quality
  • Internal & External Finishes type & quality
  • Choice of heating systems based on the Capex/Opex balance
  • Type of Water Treatment Systems
  • Start Date, Finish Date & Project Cash Flow
  • Work Schedule for pricing by Local Builders
  • Specifications
  • Site Manager Qualifications

Alternatively, the Client can introduce a Builder who must provide an experienced Site Manager to lead the Site Team.

Bluepools will supply all the Pool Equipment at a discount on list prices and provide a "Help Desk" by email and telephone for the duration of the project.

OPTION 2 - Project Team Member

Bluepools is invited to join the project team by the Client or their Architect and provides advice on any recommended changes to the Pool Hall, Basement and Plant Room layout and provides designs for:

  • Pool Structure & Paving Support Slabs
  • Filter, Pumps & Pipework
  • Submerged LED Lighting
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Cabling & Ductwork
  • Pool & Pool Hall Finishes

These will be completed to suit the agreed pool hall and plant room layout at an agreed inclusive fee.

Bluepools will also supply all the Pool Equipment at a discount on list prices and provide a "Help Desk" by email and telephone for the duration of the project.

About Bluepools

Will Witt is a widely experienced, chartered Civil and Structural Engineer. He set up Bluepools SARL in 2002 and the company designed and built hundreds of pools in South West France, as a pool installation contractor.

In 2013 Will moved back to the UK and set up Bluepools Ltd. Bluepools provides luxury indoor swimming pools that are engineered to provide facilities of optimal quality and performance.

His co-director and daughter Rebecca is a member of the PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group). She has an arts degree in film making from Leeds University and uses her artistic flair in the use of 3D software to produce imaginative pool designs.

Bluepools competes for business with the major pool installation contractors and its portfolio of many projects demonstrates that it produces premium quality pools at significantly lower cost.

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