To find out exactly how much your Self-Build Outdoor Pool will cost please click on the link below that takes you to our unique Polyblok Pool costing tool.


Within a few minutes you will know exactly how much your new outdoor self-build pool will cost.

And if you want to purchase a kit just print the Cost Estimate off as a pdf file and email it to us with your full address and post code and we will send a Quote with the Payment Terms and Delivery Cost. We can also send these kits abroad to France as the Polyblok Pools are ideal fro French site conditions - we have built hundreds over there in France so we do know!

This service is ideal for builders with Clients that want swimming pools because we provide detailed drawings with each kit and the kits can be tailored for Bespoke site conditions. Bluepools also operates a Help Desk by telephone and Email to fully support the Builder during the pool construction period

The only cost that is not included in the Estimate is the labour cost of construction and installation.

You will be provided with a top quality pool that will last for ever and enhance the value of your property - panel kit pools, fibre-glass pools and their ilk will only reduce the value of your property.

Above Ground or In-ground Pools

The Polyblok Pool Kits can be used for the Installation of Above Ground or In-ground Pools because the pool walls do not require the support of the surrounding ground.

This is absolutely essential for panel kit pools because they simply will not stand up on their own!!

Every PolyBlok swimming pool kit includes the following:-

The following can be added to the kit:-

For use in Old Barns

Above ground swimming pools of more or less any shape, size or depth can be built using the PolyBloK system.

It is particularly useful when installing a pool inside an old barn because:-

Deck support system

We are often asked about the best way to build timber decking around an above ground pool.

The following illustration shows how the foundations can be easily installed so that the decking is completely level

decking support thumbnail

This approach works equally well inside an old barn or for an outdoor above ground pool.

Summer or All year round use for a Pool built in a Barn

If the barn is well ventilated it could be used in the summer months without all the complicated indoor pool equipment that is required to maintain the pool hall environment and protect the fabric of the building.

But if all year round use is anticipated then Bluepools can design and supply all the necessary support and equipment