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Client Testimonials

Hi Will,

Thanks for your news letter, I really do look forward to them as I now wish that I had got yourself to install my pool, people should take on board what you tell then, especially about the pitfalls and in particular picking the right quote and builder, also to remember that the cheapest is never usually the best as I have found out, I have now paid this guy 46K with all the extra’s.

 I received a quote from you around February last year, but because of the distance went for an English builder who was slightly closer and a little cheaper, (Big Mistake). The starting date of 1st May passed and he eventually he got started on the 3rd of August and completed the pool on the 26th of November 16 weeks from start to finish, this might seem a long time but when you take into account he and his 2 men had all of September off and only worked a 3 day week I suppose it was not too bad, however they seemed to spend more time travelling than building a pool

Luckily because he was so slow I was able to take photos from when he started the PolyBlok 8X4X1.4 deep pool to completion, the reason I am sending this email is because of your email a few days ago in particular your video on PolyBlok pools, was I relieved that at least he had built the pool almost as you explained it, with the exception that he poured and laid the foundation and floor all in one, I know it was at least 500mm thick with steel reinforcing. My only problem is we have 80 square meters of paving all round the pool that he hasn’t laid a solid foundation for, so I am expecting problems there.

The last thing people should know and check up on is there company and VAT registration numbers, I now know that his company number is bogus and his payment requests always included the vat, I now know he has no vat number but has charged me about £3600. And the final straw was to find out yesterday that he failed to pay the local DIY or builders merchant at least 1000 Euro.

I have actually contacted the UK VAT fraud squad about this guy, and to be honest I don’t think they seem to be bothered about it, they haven’t even acknowledged my complaint.

Thanks again for your regular emails; I really do wish I had taken more heed of them, because you do give out sound advice.

Kind Regards

Tom O’Donnell 20th January 2010


Thank you to Bluepools for the lovely swimming pool you have installed for us. We are very pleased with it and this justifies our decision to choose Bluepools to do the installation for us. It has been a great success with our gite clients also, from whom we have had some very complimentary comments.

Best Regards
Kevin & Debbie MILLS



Bluepools built our pool and completely reshaped the old quarry in which it was built - we now have a magnificent facility for entertaining our family and friends

Owen Bull


Bluepools built our new pool in 2008 on a very steep hillside above our millhouse holiday home, near Angoluleme in Dept 16. It involved very deep foundations down into the underlying rock as well as suspended concrete slabs that support the sunbathing areas around the pool

Michael Brooks


I appreciated the answers to my questions and the time Luke spent at our initial meeting, going thriough the various options, with helpful suggestions and observations on our plans for our new pool at our holiday home near Tarbres. It was a relief to find a company that was prepared to offer a full construction solution including the terracing, steps and landscaping. I found the quotation very comprehensive, and useful to have an idea of the costs we might incur should ground conditions prove difficult - which they did!! Also appreciated Bluepools ability to overcome the difficulty encountered with the water table.

You were pretty accurate in terms of timescale for completing the project although there was an over run of three days because of the day or two later than advised start, the extra work involved in overcoming the water table issue, and the inclement weather towards the end of the final week.

Having been initially advised by Luke that an engineering project of this scale would undoubtedly create damage to the land surrounding the pool site, we were pleasantly surprised at how little damage had actually been caused. Overall, very happy with how everything has been handled, and would happily recommend Bluepools - especially now they're going to have a presence down that way.

Kind Regards

Andrew Lund-Yates


I would like to thank you for the way you handled the installations off the two swimming pools for me. You managed to start just after the selected time, proved to be totally reliable and finished in the time frame you had expected. The quality of the work was fine and you left everything neat and tidy after you had finished. I have good relationship with Luke and he has always been available to sort out any teething problems. I would like to wish you all the very best for the future.

Kind Regards Keith Trenter


When working on an old house there are always many unforeseen problems, and, like many other Brits, our house is old. So when it came to putting a swimming pool close to the house it was not surprising to find some complications. Bluepools proved themselves by recognising these complications and coming up with solutions. 
Their ability to cope with these extras has made such a difference. Otherwise we would have been chasing around, spending time we really do not have, looking for additional artisans to do those unforeseen bits and pieces. 
From the earliest stages, a test hole for the fosse septique soak-away, through to completion of the swimming pool Bluepools products and services have been good which means peace of mind for us."

Peter Butler



Hi Bluepools,

The pool has been brilliant and we have had an increase in the number of people wanting to visit as a result. But that is something we can put up with!

Caroline Jones


Dear Bluepools

Many thanks to you, Will and the lads for a terrific job, Amanda and I are really pleased with the result.

Tom DoddS


Hi Bluepools

I am at les Pesquies for a few days. We have a beautiful looking pool that several people have commented upon with admiration and expressed interest in having one themselves and knowing how we got it built. I have been happy to respond with two positive references for prospective clients.

Hamish Macdonald


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