Indoor Deck Level Pool with Gym

13m x 6m - Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, UK

Deck Level Pool with Gym - Pool Hall with Bi-Fold Doors


For this project Bluepools was responsible for the Concept Design & all the Detailed Engineering. This included:

Bluepools also provided all the pool plant including:

Bluepools commissioned all the systems and installed and fine tuned the chemical dosing systems.

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Pool Site Before Construction Project plot



This detailed design drawing shows the Pool Plant Room which is located beneath the Gym. All the Pool Plant Equipment is integrated into the design so that you can clearly see where and how everything will fit.

pool plant room concept design 3D drawing


The walls were built up to eaves level with reinforced concrete poured into ICF forms (polybloks) so that frames across the building were not required.

Polyblok Pool Hall Walls Built Up To Eaves Level With Roof Trusses


Here, the beam and block floors span from the basement walls to the pool walls providing the undercroft below that can accommodate the pipework, cabling and ducting.

Polyblok Pool Beam and Block Floor and bi-fold door installation


This shows the strip drain from the deck level pool over the gutter:

Strip Drain in Deck Level Pool


This shows how the polyblok pool walls provide the safety housing for the automatic pool cover:

automatic pool cover pit



This shows the balance tank and connecting pipework from the "Deck Level" type pool:

Balance Tank


The Air Handling Unit:

Air Handling Unit


Pool pumps and filters - one is a higher power pump that starts when bathers in the pool causes higher levels of oiverflow:

Pool Pumps and Filters


Balance tank and pipework:

Balance tank


The "Touch Screen" that controls the total pool operation:

Touch Screen Control Panel


The Bluepools control panel that provides control over the balance tank, pool pumps and submerged lights:

Control Panel


The auto pH control and Chlorine dosing unit that keeps the Chlorine content down to 1ppm - inly slifghtly higher than tap water! - this relies on also having an Ultra-Violet disinfection system:

Automatic Dosing Unit



This shows the line of diffusers that provide a curtain of warm dry air from the Air Handling Unit to stop condensation on the bi-fold glazing:

Line Diffusers


Line Diffusers


The automatic cover pit without the cover slats:

Cover Pit


The cover with the slats on the axle:

Cover With Slats on axle



Pool with gym beyond - the plant room is under the gym. The automatic cover is not fully retracted:

Pool with gym


This shows the completed cover with the PVC deck slats (Covered with vinyl pool liner) that also provides a "Beach" for bathers. It also illustrates how the deck level drains work:

Pool Cover with PVC deck slats and deck level drains in use


External view that shows how the whole project was dropped in level to take maximum advantage from the Permitted Development Rules in the UK planning regulations:

Deck Level Pool with Gym - Pool Hall

External View