ICF Pool Kits

I. ICF Swimming Pools

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) are high density formers used to construct extremely strong and highly insulated reinforced concrete walls. Using ICF blocks to build swimming pools offers many benefits including ease of installation, design flexibility, speed of construction and indestructibility.

Bluepools has built hundreds of ICF pools that are still in daily use.

ICF were originally developed in the US in the 1970's. They were initially used in the UK to build houses and were one of the first of the MMC (Modern Method of Construction) systems to be used in the UK. They were slow to catch on and even now the UK is far behind most countries in the adoption of MMC methods of construction.

ICF Construction

The ICF forms that Bluepools uses are called Polybloks and are manufactured in the UK. They have a BBA Agrément Certificate that allows them to be used under the Building Regulations and ensure that the building can be insured.

For a DIY pool project, polybloks (ICF) are the best way to ensure you have a pool built to last a lifetime that won't break the bank. This type of pool will add to your property value as it does not have a limited life span, like fibreglass pools for instance.

II. Building ICF Outdoor Swimming Pools


  1. Simple and safe to use for the first timers
  2. Highly skilled & expensive site operatives not required
  3. Speed of construction - pool walls built in less than a week
  4. Always immediately available with quick delivery at low cost
  5. Can be used for above ground, in ground or part in ground pools
  6. High quality walls with an internal face ideal for vinyl liners
  7. No need for heavy construction materials like concrete blocks
  8. Avoid access issues as concrete can be pumped in
  9. Infinity edge or deck level design easily added
  10. Can provide curved walls - impossible with other wall systems
  11. Internal or external steps to pool easily added
  12. Avoids the use of wet trades like plastering / rendering
  13. Easily install submerged LED lights
  14. Water inlets & skimmers accurately positioned with ease
  15. Supports concrete slab spanning from pool to undisturbed soil avoiding unsightly paving subsidence
  16. ICF Vinyl Liner Pool increases Property Value

Many people are worried about the complexity of an outdoor swimming pool using ICF "Polybloks".

The Bluepools self-build kit options described below are designed to remove this concern and will provide all the support that you need throughout the entire project from Concept to Completion.

III. Bluepools Pool Kits for self-builders

Quote for Pool Kit

Size: Any pool size available up to: 12m (length) x 6m (width).

Depth: 1.3m (150 mm less than the pool wall height).

  • The number of Polybloks required to suit the pool size
  • 2x Floor outlets in white ABS complying with entrapment regulations
  • The number of Inlets in white ABS suitable for the pool size
  • The number of Skimmers in white ABS suitable for the pool size
  • The number of white submerged LEDS suitable for the pool size
  • 1x Vacuum point
  • 1x Water Leveller
  • 1x Pipe Fittings kit
  • The number of 50mm or 63mm flexible PVC pipe in 25m rolls suitable for pool size
  • 1x Filtration Pump that will provide a pool water turnover of 6 hours
  • 1x Side mount filter sized to suit Cool Clear Water principles
  • 1x Plant Room pipework kit
  • 1x High Reflective type Ultra Violet cell to suit Cool Clear Water principles
  • Rainbow In Line chemical feeder
  • Plain bag liner (Tile band or full print available as an optional extra)
  • Air Source Heat Pump suitable for the pool size
  • Control panel for pump and lights
  • Delivery
  • Submerged or Above Ground Motorised Floating Covers can be included in the quote if requested.

The Quotation will be valid for 30 days. When the Client decides to proceed and confirms the quote has been accepted (via email), Bluepools will provide the 1st Invoice for the Deposit Payment of 1/3 of the Quote.

After the Deposit Payment has been made, the Client will receive a comprehensive Folio of detailed drawings & installation instructions by email. The polybloks will be delivered in accordance with the date indicated in the Invoice (Normally about 2 weeks after receipt of payment).

The 2nd Invoice will also be 1/3 of the Quote. The "Through wall equipment" and buried pipework will be delivered after the 2nd payment.
The 3rd Invoice will be for the remaining 1/3 of the Quote. The Vinyl Liner and plant room equipment will be delivered after the 3rd payment.

The liner will be made to suit the dimensions of the pool including any steps. The dimesions are to be provided by the Client on a marked up drawing for Bluepools' approval prior to manufacture.

Bluepools will provide a help desk by email and telephone 9.0 am until 5.0 pm on weekdays that will give advice and guidance to the Self Builder and their tradesmen during the project period.

Some Clients may still be nervous of the fitting of the vinyl liner. Bluepools can deliver the liner and provide on site instructions on the installation process for a fee of £999 + VAT - if the site is within daily travelling distance from its Salisbury base (SP2 7YS).

Bluepools provides all the pool equipment from top quality suppliers. The purchase of the kit will ensure that missing or incorrect parts do not delay installation.

Bluepools guarantees that if any of the pool equipment is not suitable to ensure swimming facilities meet current domestic pool industry standards, all the deficient parts will immediately be replaced. This is in accordance with our policy of providing Clear Clean Water for all projects.

The equipment provided will be replaced if a manufacturing defect is discovered within 12 months of the date of delivery to site.

Please send me a price list of the items included in a pool kit.

IV. Swimming Pool Kits In France

Based in France and looking for a swimming pool kit?

Bluepools can provide the detailed design and arrange the pool kit shipment for customers with properties in France.

V. Bespoke Pool Engineer Design & Support Service

If the project is more complex, involving landscaping, site level changes, deck level pool or infinity pools , the Bluepools Bespoke Pool Design and Support Service may be more appropriate.

Pool Engineer Design

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