Bromine Water Treatment for your UK Home or Garden Pool

Bromine can be less irritating to the eyes

There are definite advantages and disadvantages to using bromine in a swimming pool.

Some pool owners prefer bromine because it is usually much less irritating to the skin and eyes.

It can normally be put into the same "chlorinator" as the chlorine or in a special "brominator"

Bromine does not always reduce allergic reactions

Swimmers with naturally sensitive skin prefer bromine for this reason, however bromine is in the same chemical periodic group as chlorine, and so may still instigate allergic reactions like asthma attacks just like chlorine. does.

Bromine is more expensive than chlorine but you use less

The main disadvantage to bromine is that it is a lot more expensive than chlorine.

When it combines with bacteria in pool water, the bromine remains active but it is then combined with the bacteria and organic matter and so neutralizes these harmful contaminants.

Less bromine is required to sanitize a swimming pool than chlorine and it should added either through a chlorinator that can be adjusted suitably for bromine use or a special brominator.

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